10 things happen when U start running : humorous perspective


10 Things Happen when u start Running :

  1. You will feel much better:

Regardless of your mood, running will make you feel much better. It stimulated the production of endocannabinoids.

A 2006 research found that running for 30 minutes improves mood in people who deal with depression. If you have not run before, start with walking or jogging.


Shailesh ka ulta chashma :(my version:2.0) regardless of mood of your near and dear ones , you will be always   absconding  from the real action zone/s  of confrontation  . Either at 2 am in the morning or at 5 am in the morning you will be on roads . You will hardly  have any energy or stamina to fight ( even when you know you are right )so most of the arguments at home and with near ones will be handled in much peaceful manner.

A 2006  research shows that running and in turn staying away from home/society/katta/adda for 1 hour to 2.5 hours can bring more happiness and you will feel much better.

A word of caution :Staying away for many more hours can be counter productive

Bonus : you will any way feel happy when you will read our report which says that production of endocannabinoids increases. Any one can feel happy and proud when he or she attempts to utter( speak loudly ) this 16 letter long fantaboulous  word   .



  1. You will look good:

Running burns calories, aids in weight loss, but what many people do not know is that it burns calories even when you stop running.


Shailesh ka ulta chashma :You will look good: yes yes:

Most of  the time you will be in half chaddi ( half pant) and extremely wet cloth which usually covers your upper body. You will be sweaty and if you are road runner  you will have nice layers of urban pollutants  on your face and visible body parts.

So in those rare occasions  ( for example flag hoisting on 15 th august or 26 th jan or some morning function which you can not avoid )when your near and dear ones will see you in proper attire (Post : naha dhoke –powder-showder laga ke chikna banne wali process(after the bath with all the make up )  they will definitely exclaim “ wow you look great ! “

Word  of caution : please be careful when you try to give this kind of visual shock to your own running buddies . At times they may not recognize you as their normal “ see-recognize “ auto system may fail.

  1. Healthy skin complexion:

Believe it or not, sweating cleans dirt from pores. It also keeps you fresh and healthy.

Shailesh ka ulta chashma :

A 2008 research says if one is able to sweat 30 hours in a week due to good running he or she will be in a way practicing hydrotherapy : a natural way of  detoxification : this will not only remove toxins but also not allow a lot of modern cosmetics and chemicals to have harmful effects on human body.

A word of caution : some difficult to please /win readers will have to wait till the time we find  a long letter word similar to endocannabinoids. Once we have that kind of word above argument will win more minds/hearts.

  1. Perfect body line:

Running not only burns calories but also tones your body and tightens your legs and stomach.

Shailesh ka ulta chashma

Initially you will run for fun : ( or something similar you would like to believe ) soon things will get complicated . you will not only burn calories during running but also when you are not running.

  • You will see food from different perspective : complex carb/ whey protein / vitamin deficiency with different alphabets with mathematical names like B12 and D3
  • The peer group pressure will never allow you to cherish your small  milestones ( few minutes and gone !!) as there will be always incoming flow of  PBs ( personal best ) and Podiums   making  your little  achievement  stupid and insignificant .
  • Soon you will have some kind of injury which will make you mini ( pseudo)  doctor- mini physio and utterly confused victim of internet digging

A 2010 research shows that from sample survey of 2356 numbers, more than 72 %  reduced because of positive stress felt by combination of above factors and they all reduced their weight . further research is temporarily stopped as there are internal disputes among the researchers .



  1. Stronger knees:

Many people believe that running weakens knees. Scientists have proven the opposite – running improves the health of your knees. However, make sure that you run properly.


Shailesh ka ulta chashma :

The catch line is always the same : make sure that you live properly .( make sure that you run properly ) and yes many believe body parts are any way going to get worn out so why not use and  have sense of “ hey I used them “ and then go to doctor .

A 2020 research shows that out of 10 runners with replacement knees, 6 could complete their marathon effortlessly . A multi million investment by world famous  ortho company ” xyz unlimited” is aimed to conclude running with artificial knees is any time better than worn out – paining knees.

  1. Stronger heart:

Running reduces bad cholesterol. It decreases blood pressure and improves circulation.


Shailesh ka ulta chashma :

Some people can see the obvious : regular running will definitely increase good cholesterol .,reduce bad cholesterol , increase cardio vascular parameters and all that  blah blah blah….stuff

But this message is also meant to the people  who are young at heart and are in search of soul mates . Running will also introduce many to many !.More hearts will come closer. More hearts will need to be stronger as some more hearts will break.  ( the old regular types fixed by society with the old concepts of institute of marriages and all that stuff )

Liberal take : ( with due permission of supreme court of India  and strong lobby pressure of Indian English Media ) running mates – soul mates-running buddies : all this is not gender specific . Soon there will be running events for LGBT community with bigger money and coverage than SCMM.( standard chartered mumbai marathon )

Stronger hearts- stronger feets


  1. You will be much stronger:

Running will make you stronger, and you will do your exercises more easily. It will also improve the function of your lungs.


Shailesh ka ulta chashma :

Basically remember the word stronger : more you run : you will be stronger . more you exercise : more you will run stronger. More you do strength training more will be your running and  more will be your lung power .

You can also start ulta : stronger the lung power – more stronger the strength – more strong running – more exercise –more running

A word of caution : be strong rest will be taken care of.

  1. Better sleep:

Insomniacs should stop taking sleeping pills and start running. A research has shown that insomniacs fall asleep within 38 minutes, but when they start running, they fall asleep in less than 17 minutes.


Shailesh ka ulta chashma :

You will definitely sleep . You will sleep in local train , bus, auto rickshaw.

You will even sleep during important presentations at office .

Every one will be jealous of you “ Ye salaa kaheen bhee sota hai ( this guy can sleep any place – any where : damn lucky )

Do not worry you all will experience this as you running will make you “ sleep deprive damn lucky person” as soon you will be running at odd hours like  2 am / 3 am and if running keeda ( bug ) blesses you , you will run mid night marathon, 12 hours run and oh yes 24 hours run

A 2010 research shows that 80 % runners also run in their dreams  and 90 % of their dreams are only about running.

  1. You will be more focused:

A research conducted in Great Britain has proven that workers who exercise are more focused and productive, and do less mistakes, unlike workers that do not exercise.

Shailesh ka ulta chashma :

You will be extremely focused  mainly on running.

Soon your family will realize that this person  now can not be trusted with more work and they will reduce work load ( initially unwillingly and soon majboori mein( as they are helpless  )

In turn you will get more time to stay focus on what else running . Your actual running may be few hours but you will stay focused on subject of running. You will bore your friends , colleagues, co workers on subject of running. You may remain so focused on subject of running that you may advise your best friend before his or her first night  (post  wedding) about next day’s group running commitment.

You will have your facebook /gmail/whatsapp DP with you in some running pose , giving shock to Lalaji/Shethji who is your employer.

You will actively remained focused on different whatsapp group which only talk on what else “ running “

You will be so focused that you will even read these  lines ( each and every ) which shailesh has written on the subject of running . ( how ironical )

Aur kya chahiye “ focused” rehene ke liye

  1. You will save money:

Do not fall in despair if you cannot afford going to the gym or buy special equipment. The only thing that running requires is a pair of good snickers.


A word of caution : in your family you will  save money as you have found a passion which remains focused around running and running related paraphernalia .

You family member  will still have the old charm of buying things of wide variety and will see that during family shopping they leave you at some sports section or some Nike type of shop where you remain busy checking vomero 6, vomero 7, vomero 8 , vomero 9 ,vomero 10 , vomero 11 , vomero 12 kind of series ( it can be any series like nimbus Asics or puma or Reebok ….it does not matter……some name and ascending numbers )   and technical discussions which includes nostalgia related to your old  shoes .

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