Day to day use of Urdu shayari ( contemporary take)introduction

poetry at times becomes a difficult subject to many.

yes we do appreciate but at times there is direct disconnect.

how do we make urdu sharyari more contemporary?

this series is my gustakhi( but not in any way disrespectful ) to bring some sher( couplet) in a perspective where it can be used. we all need some verbal illustration to highlight our talk. It can be a seminar you are conducting or addressing a gathering or may be you are with friends. A sher/couplet with apt interpretation can be useful to any.


Kabhi  umeed ki nazaro se

dekh apni taraf “Bismil” ,

Nigahe-yaas se dekhega

soo-e-aasma kab tak ?!!


By  bismil saeedi ( the original shayar/poet : my respect and apologies if needed)


( this is for self belief and self confidence : “my friend, why stare at empty sky:soo-e-aasma ( basically losing unnecessarily all hopes in life ) rather at times  you must see at your self with different attitude and with full of optimism: rediscover your own potential !! …….)

Practical interpretation : very apt for we Indians…..for most of our solvable problems we always look towards outside agencies ( staring at them with expectation ) local governments to  maintain garden/s , open spaces,school and college administration to take initiatives, Municipalities  to do  a lot of smaller jobs, our employer to improve the office working space, some one else in society/mohalla/basti to take initiative and solve problems etc etc


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