Poetry II ( urdu shayari) for every day use:

how do we make urdu sharyari more contemporary?

this series is my gustakhi( but not in any way disrespectful ) to bring some sher( couplet) in a perspective where it can be used. we all need some verbal illustration to highlight our talk. It can be a seminar you are conducting or addressing a gathering or may be you are with friends. A sher/couplet with apt interpretation can be useful to any.

this time with different interpretation ( with due apologies to fankar( the original creator  ) : as in  original  the poetry is meant / addressed to the  “beloved “)

The use is more practical and has the fun quotient  and every one can use the same




“ Kabhi  damne-dil  par  dage-mayusee  naheen aaya ,

Edhar  vada  kiya  usane,  udhar  dil   ko yakeen aaya .”


By naatik lakhnavi

( dil ke daman par kabhi mayusi ka dagh naheen pada hai…every time he /she has promised and every time I have believed him/her. There is no question of loosing hope or not believing  !! )


This is quite a usable sher…..


can be used for  the  purpose of “ recovery “( due apologies to all the ” beloved”)

One can use this to recover money/remind in style from/to

  1. a) customer/dealer with  whom we have a good rapport , but at times things are not moving . every time you request him/her remind him/her he/she  promises to give money  but does/is not able to allocate money from available  funds
  2. b) From a friend who is promising to return your money , but not doing enough and you do not want to spoil the relationship.

I have  used it in past to recover a long promised money from steel industry client. When I used it ,the Vice President started laughing and said “ kya bat hai , ab to aapke liye kuchh karna hi padega, sirf promise se nahee chalega!!  ( great , now I will have to go beyond just promises and release the money ) “ and of course our professional relationship has become more humane.

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