Thane talavpali

14 th February 16


5:20 am

I have just dropped Sheila, Punit, Falguni and Shardul ( All Borivili national park green runners at Hiranandani Thane Half marathon venue. The road from Brahmand ( off Ghod Bunder Road ) is full of cars ( private and taxis ) as Hiranandani complex is off the main route of train,metro.

This is one event which involves a good amount of carbon foot print for runners to reach the venue ( and also go back ) so that they can run and spread the message of “ go green and reduce the carbon foot print “

As I am on my weekly “ explore the Mumbai city “ I start my cycling from Panch pakhadi area ( thane west )

Thane is also called city of lakes . there are more than 30 lakes.

Talavpali or masunda lake is at city centre . Toady  My cycling is going to be in and around this lake as I want to explore the roads leading to, parallel and perpendicular to masunda/talavpali lake.


The natural light is yet to brighten up the area when I start my cycling.


I have my first round of the lake just to have first feel.

One of the pleasure of these early morning cycling in metropolitan Mumbai city is to witness “ waking up of the city “.

Unlike my other cycling trips I hardly see people sleeping on road sides/pavements/outside shops in these areas.

May be they have woken up or Thane city and district provide some kind of better options rather than sleeping on sides of main roads which can be fatal as there have been cases of rash and or drunken driving killing people.

St John The Baptist church looks beautiful with its reflection in the lake.


Sunday mass has started.

All four roads making a rectangular  circumference  around  lake have different characteristics.

Road 1 ( length wise : Dr Moose road) :There road parallel to rammaruti road and where the main entry of the theatre “ gadkari rangayatan” is full of residential and commercial buildings.


It looks this must be the planned residential area for  those who had arrived in social hierarchy  during it’s construction time.

The main road and road parallel and perpendicular are relatively more planned. Over all it’s good neighborhood with greenery.

In recent times a lot of conversion to commercial nature is seen.

Ram maruti road is a classic example.

Road 2  ( width wise: Shivaji Road ): Road from court naka- crossing the jamli naka and leading to station is a busy road and is kind of boundary to the big market area with commercial premises overflowing.

Road 3 ( length wise: A.  Holkar Road ) : this road does not have cluster of old or new  construction as there is St John The Baptist High School and St John The  Baptish church cover up large part of the length.

Towards end there are government offices near the lake end.

But this road make a boundry to an interesting residential block of charai.( more to follow on charai )

Road 4 ( width wise ): has coupe of residential bunglows but mainly it covers the theatre ( gadkari rangyatan )

My rounds : apart from periodically coming back to lake facing roads I start road no 1 side.

This area has designers boutiques , good eateries and restaurants, peaceful lanes with smaller residential  buildings . A good area to stay as you get both . smaller lanes as well as proximity to commercial area.



Road : 3 : the lanes and by lanes beyond this road in morning hours have their own charm. They are not crowded. There is definitely Goa/Vasai/ Bandra kind of beauty as I pass by .


Overall the residential blocks and buildings are clustered very near to each other. It is densely made and populated . One can get lost .

An interesting Kachori shop .

I like the confidence . Some one has started a full fledge shop to sale Shegaon’s Kachori ( when you juxtapose  a large city like thane to shegaon it gives a very different perspective )

Beyond charai one goes towards central jail and Kalwa area.

There is lake ( Jail Lake ) is not much looked after. The ground opposite to lake is local favorite for  budding cricketers.

The whole cluster of courts, central Jail and residential blocks of Police lines make the area “ Old looking “ but more open, with stone buildings ( no high rises ) and more green.

Road 4 : primarily it’s the theatre. There is an early morning  Indian classical dance programme is going on it’s premises. It is in semi open area at the entry foyer.

I decide to “ drop in” after my first three rounds of lake.

It’s a beautiful way to start the morning. This is an open to all event as students are performing.

Road 2 :

The area is buzzing with activity since early morning. There is a huge market of fruits and vegetables (Whole sale and peripheral retail ) fish and sea food.

I pass by the area and do internal loops. At times I do get down and push the cycle.

Beyond the  market area which gets extended to chendani and to the main bus stand (where all the new Mumbai buses start and terminate)   I see the railway underpass.

Though I have planned to remain within  greater area , I change my plan with the hope of having “ daal Pakwan”  in Kopri area.

Soon I ride by PWD colony and thane east area. Similar to lot of west –east reality of Mumbai and suburbs here also difference is striking.

I  do my survey as I ask “ where in Kopri  will I get best “ Daal Pakwan “

I am guided to the most famous “ Daal Pakwan “ of kopri area.

I am at Sant Krupa ( sat nam vahe guru ) next to Deepak lassi.

Even though they start at 7.30 am , they are able to serve the customer only after 8.10/ 8.15 am .

There is a general crowd and not any queue or discipline.

One has to use typical Indian style of elbow maneuvering to go ahead and get heard.

If one follows good manners and civic sense , ironically he will be served late or ignored.

There is little more delay as half of the regular clients have request of bulk order. Serving the bulk order takes more time.

One has to eat standing.

It’s obvious that soon the stock will be over.

Post my breakfast of “ Daal Pakwan “ I take the east west flyover and ride on a huge service road  off eastern express highway on Thane east side.

The road is good for cycling and there is a gurudwara on the road. It leads directly to teen hath naka signal and I continue my ride beyond the signal on service road.

On the service road there are open gym equipments and I see a group doing squats kind of strength building exercises.

I fold my cycle at Panch Pakhdi and ride towards Hirandanani complex .

sheila and friends have completed their half marathon




The end……

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