group run : BNP Gr :26/10/14

26 th October, Sunday 2014 : Group run on last Sunday

blog in reverse :


At the end of the run at zero point :

It is any runner’s dream . Exclusive service by the great people.

Hiren ( after more than 4 and half hours of dedicated  duty ) is applying ice on my calves.   Maheshbhai is applying ice pack on my head.

Sree ( again 4 and half hours of continuous duty ) , Ankur , Pradeep and Varun are witnessing the grand post run ceremony .

What else a rookie like me want !! The not so good run is ably compensated by the royal treatment.

The great volunteers Hiren, Sree,Vidhi and Deepa have made today’s run very memorable for many.

Hiren and Sree are there  till the very end. I really wonder what drives some one to be so dedicated . Is it friendship ? is it love for run ? is it commune kind of feeling ?? what makes someone to dedicate more than half Sunday ( a definitely a family day by Mumbai standard ) for experienced  runners   ( experienced more than the volunteers ) when your own running journey is just started.


2.5 km to 0 km point

I am running the last 2.5 km with Ankur. Maheshbhai has told him  to get me to the start point without wasting much time. Ankur is a flying machine and I am at the end of drained out run. He keeps talking to me and assures me that we will not run fast ( by fast he means the pace of 5.15 to 5.25 ). He is the runner who will suddenly change the gear and you can see his speed suddenly increasing ….When I ask him what is our current pace , he says he has switched off the function on his Garmin . We both know that he is avoiding the truth. By the time we are at 500 m point he says we are running at just less than 6 ka pace, and encourages me to increase my speed. I give best of the gaalis to him ( of course not loudly ) and try to find reserve energy inside me. In last 20 meters I overtake him in sweet revenge and declare to every one that finally I have beaten Ankur in this pace running game. Everybody nods and extend their  sympathy towards me.


2.5 km point

I am approaching 2.5 km mark . I am the only runner.

Every one has finished  their today’s quota.

It is obvious that next loop of 6 km is to be dropped as

  1. a) it is beyond 12 noon b) body is rebelling ( actually since start.. ) c) and I do not want to run alone as well as do not want any one getting stuck up because of me . Out of weird resolve I have stopped my walk breaks on incline .To continue I know that I have to keep running . Walk breaks are strictly at 0 km , 2.5 km and at 5.5 km points. Any other walk breaks is becoming counterproductive.

At 2.5 km there is a whole lot of people waiting for me . Are they there, because they like me ?Are they there, because of compassion ? Are they there, because they are stuck up due to some stupid prior commitment ( which did not foresee getting stuck up with  a solo runner )? Are they there so they can emphatically tell me to pack up for the day ??

All kind of questions come to my mind .

But they are there ! Yes very much there !! . Smiling , Supporting and Encouraging . In spite of their other Sunday commitments they are there.

Hiren , Sree , Maheshbhai and Ankur all are there.

Four waiting for one !!

Hiren starts applying Ice on my calves. Maheshbhai and Ankur pour chilled water on my head and body. I get to eat watermelon and banana. Sree gives some chikkis.

God bless them !


The run :

By the time I start my run in BNP it is 6:40 am .

I am late by all the standards. Aadesh is there for my rescue and initial push . He waits for me till I finish few of the exercises. We run together but soon he has to run at his natural fast pace.

I have missed the great bus of Punit.  Punit is leading the largest group of runners and has people who can rely on his schedule and plan. Come what may but he will not deviate from pre announced plan. Anant sir and Supriya  are as usual  running strong and are almost with or ahead of Punit’s bus.

I am running solo and also observing who all are habitual solo runners. Unmesh is always seen running solo. Today for most of the run I see Arjun, Suvendu, Anthony, Shashiji ( enjoying his slow and constant pace with reverse cap)Dr Sunil Rai , Paras , Dr Vinesh  running solo for most of their run. Some of the runners are in pairs: Amit and Amog , Ajit and Sanjay P . It seems Pradeep and Nitin , Ankur and Bhupen are not running together . Overall there are quite a few of BNP green runners  utilizing today’s group run of month end. Alpeshbhai the  guru of all is seen walking most of the time.

My run is more on will power. In spite of good  weather  the body is not in tune or in resonance . Last three days of diwali mithais and savories is clearly showing their effect. Also driving to Pune and Mulshi ( for the resort ) is also adding to level of fatigue .

My first loop is just OK .Second loop is long and third loop is never ending. Only solution is keep running. ( how ironical !! )

I do not know whether getting myself into Bangalore ultra ever made sense. When I see the practice and dedications of all the others I feel I will be  like  “Alice in wonderland”  in Bangalore  , totally lost in the company of focused and committed elites. At the same time there is thin but sharp belief that few of the things will help me sail through

  1. The fun quotient associated with running. I still have not made my running mechanical.
  2. Observing and imbibing mind. I like to look around and try to imbibe the maximum.
  3. Travel together , eat together , stay together kind of commune feeling inculcated under the guidance of Maheshbhai’s perseverance.
  4. Great company of great friends whose being there will easily add 10 to 15 km of the tough last kilometers.


Baaki to umeed pe duniya kayam hai mere dost !!

The end……………..

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