Mumbai half marathon : SCMM 2014


write up is into two section

  1. A) running and SCMM 14
  2. B) days ahead..
  3. A) was lucky as most of the group members were training and running full… So had some chance to do long distance… So 21 km became 25 km which became  32 and once it touched 40.2 inviting sweet comment like  ”confused chap who prepares for full but runs only    ” My style or madness will not be approved by many of the elite and purist ,  but hey i am trying to enjoy the journey and i May be wrong…

At the end of NCPA group run i again developed low but continuous pain on right lower side of  abdominal… ( i had similar one a year ago)  did meet MD gastro as well as MD internal medicine… But did not pursue much… Apart from medicines..

Ran SCMM 14 with the apprehensions… But within couple of kms the pain had gone… (which came back in the evening with attitude:  kyare bhool gaya kya? )

Enjoyed the run at slower pace.

Had a lot of interesting obstacles as there were to many runners,  many were suddenly stopping in front of you  to take walk breaks, many were ruthlessly doing lane cutting from right to left or left to right to do soo soo break, water break, jump on oranges, bananas or chocolates being offered at the sides of roads…..

But when one sees the smile on the face of small kid whose biscuit or whatever offering is taken by runner/s who are ahead of you…. you just smile back and  feel happy… At times when you give high five to the eagerly waiting small hands,  you look back and smile to the most happy child…..

On route met Arjun who was going strong…. Did only walk break on pedar road..

After Wilson college and at chowpati the mind game started… Exactly at this zone at 1:54 hours i had cramps last year and i had to walk, limp and drag to complete the SCMM 13 ( in 2:35) …

So i slowed down and told myself ‘karna to hai par without cramps and without drain outs ( and yes i did not drain out,  rather went straight home and did 1 and 1/2 hours leisure cycling with riva ( my elder daughter)  as promised….

At marine lines fly over realised that i have now  made peace with cramps… So started increasing pace… Before churchgate saw  shanky….. At flora fountain put the Sufi song of film Meenakshi on full blast and started sprinting…

But it was nothing by hurdle race… Zig zag, rampant lane cutting was the only option. ( yes it was risky also as simple error could have made two or more runners fall down) Statistics clearly show you are approaching CST/VT  in peak traffic ( max runners are in and around 2:30 plus or minus timings)

In the end it was mixed feeling did in 2:38 which was much  more than last time, but was feeling fresh…

Had to be still   part of crowd as there were lines for medal collection and food hamper ( most of the items were given to smart beggars)

On the way back had chat with typical Mumbai local user who remained amused…

Days ahead:  when my dad ( god bless him)  came to know about my pain his advise was simple:  bahot huva daudana… Ab kaam par dhyan do…. He always has this sweet feeling that his blood nourished business is not in very safe hands…. So he keeps telling me… Business par dhyan de,  family ko time de and now do all  the social duties  ( he is getting older) as you are elder son… So i have to attend all the marriages,  barva ( death related attendence)

Mom is extra special Indian mom… Always worried, but bacho ki khushi mein apni khushi…

Also greater family of relatives / cousins and in laws also think that this stupid running phase will be fade out soon…

But Core family  ( Sheila and daughters) is with me…. So running will continue …. Will definitely  do goa,  satara ( only with friends and as picnics)

Desire:  With similar stupid inspiration to do a long masti wali trip with elites ( bado ka satsang hi asli satsang hai) to  attempt Bangalore ultra of 50 km,  to do one half at leh with BNP friends…

Weakness:  core and strength training…. Tuesday to Friday are my travelling days…. Saturday, Sunday and Monday i try to be in mumbai by choice

My tours  ( apart from social and statutory business calls) are to industrial areas… Usually on tour day starts early by 5: 30 and ends at 10 on wards…. So real struggle is to find mood and time to do exercise….



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