BNP GR -Pahiya group cycling : II

28th May , Saturday , 2016

BNPGR Pahiya : 2nd Session : cycling as cross training.


IMG_20160528_064639688_HDR - CopyIMG_20160528_064639688_HDRIMG_20160528_064646201_HDR - CopyIMG_20160528_064639688_HDR


Prelude : I have tried to cover the first group cycling ( 21st May 2016 ) in my photoblog. The photoblog is also written with a desire to keep  some kind of history trail  for BNPGR’s different initiatives. In past I have tried to cover many first time events  like first group run after the formation of BNPGr.

Both the Endurathon ( 2014 and 2015 ) are already documented in different  written experiments  and soon I want to convert my old(normal) blogs to photoblogs. I am one of those who like history from the point of view of romanticism and inquisitiveness.

When I am able to read something which throws some interesting light on my family history or Mumbai city history I end up marveling the events as they were unfolded.

“oh this is how the first endurathon was held!” some one might say in 2020 while browsing the photblog.

Of course all my write ups are my version and never a commissioned project. Some personal bias is bound to be there and in all those cases the limitations are purely mine, extremely sorry for my shortcomings ; but larger picture is to leave some history trail for future planners, dreamers, critics, romantic –nostalgic idiots.

18 km cycling is hardly any distance which can give masala to write anything. When I am told that first write up was good I do not know where to look.

With this dilemma I have tried to push myself to write one more photoblog for 2nd consecutive 18 km run called by BNP Gr –Pahiya team.

“Why the  same route? “ is an obvious query.

Vinod later answers with a lot of patience over phone

“ We are introducing the world of urban cycling to whole lot of new comers.The stretch selected is one of the widest , safest and possible for any new comer. As such highway cycling is more risky recreation sports as compared to running within national park. Till the time the new entrant learns the art of maneuvering on the highway we should not look for too much experimentation. Many are yet to get the proper cycle, other smaller important items like helmets etc.”

It is obvious that a lot of thinking and planning is carried out so as to introduce cycling in correct perspective.

Anisha has already prearranged and pre parked her cycle in our garage a day before. Sheila and Anisha have decided to join the group from 90 feet junction ( thakur comple-thakur college road)

I am at the start point well in time . Sree is the boss of the day and she has perfect facial expression when I greet her.“ Concerned “




I am still confused. What am i going to do?  18 km on the same boring route . Highway even though is very good for cycling usually puts me off because of noise, dust and inherent madness. I look around and see Omkareshwar temple across the road . There are  flags near the temple  .


“ colours of the highway? “

“ Different religions on Saturday morning “

“ we the people “

I do not know why I am looking for some hook point but yes I am still looking for some theme for today’s cycling.

Something to observe which has not been observed  before with keen eyes.

Flags, let me explore flags on the highway . I decide not to take pictures of flags of  political parties.


One autowala is sleeping in his auto at the most noisy junction near our start point.


We are on our way…


At 90 feet junction we do wait for Anisha and Sheila, but it seems the fuji and firefox have lured them to move ahead.

Mumbai :40 km milestone is usually missed by many. Within city we are more used to huge green kilometer boards hanging across the road width.

The drutgati marg : the sankrit-marathi-hindi word is one of those many “ forced word” which is far away from colloquial lingo.

Like many other typical indian highways , our own western express highway also has some of  templewalas ( marble temples ) , open nurseries , matka walas ( earthen pots ), fruitwalas, food dhabas , Herbal jadibutiwalas with tent and mike system . ( either one of these or more ) obviously most of these are illegal and on encroached lands .

The open nursery below times of india hill is part of Highway identity since many many years.

The whole Saturday group cycling is a very short event. Usually it does not give you time to interact much with each other.

Today I am fortunate as I am able to interact with Vinod Jain and I become his fan.

He is a self made man who is into active business since age of 15. He is always smiling .

He has been in auto parts line since many years. Right from retailing, to whole sale and now into full-fledged manufacturing .

When I ask his company’s name

He says

“Tanatan automotive components “

I become once again his fan . If we were not cycling I would have hugged him ( jaddu ki zappi ) for the same

What a catchy but gutsy name.

Vinod smiles : “Yes it’s a unique name and  works very well in direct market. Though we serve OE as well as direct market.”

( later on lighter note one of my BNP friend tells “ your blogs catch minute things . people must be careful while talking to you . kahan kuchh bhi chhap( likh) na de ye pagal  ( this idiot may write things which we have shared with him in innocence ).

on the road??
surface preparation



We all stop at the usual spot before Aarey turning. Road is quite  wide and one can take have a common break for the group

IMG_20160528_064646201_HDR - CopyIMG_20160528_064639688_HDRIMG_20160528_064639688_HDR - CopyIMG_20160528_064639688_HDRIMG_20160528_064607742_HDRIMG_20160528_064601164_HDRIMG_20160528_064550954IMG_20160528_064542421

I try to explore different photo opportunities . My request of “please lift your cycle” is met with little enthusiasm . It is obvious that “bachpana , bachpan ke saath hi chala jaye to acchha hai “

I decide to drop my 2nd request which remains till end in my mind.

I want everyone to give one group pose where in every one is down with her or his cycle.

It’s like we all have fallen off our cycle. Sree is today’s team leader. It can be a stupid but good  photo memory which in turn is a salute to the world of cycling where falling down/off the cycle is part of the game which already and  repeatedly glorified by our own Sree.

She is a good sport and has a great sense of humour , but somehow we do not get any chance to execute the same

as we return i see the following on busy road with trucks and best buses passing by and at close margins

” Neend todard ke bistar pe bhi aa sakti hai , unki aagosh mein sar ho yeh zaroori to nahin ”


as we move towards thakur village ,every one supports my idea to try a new place for tea.

“High on Tea” is my latest favorite in thakur village.


We all take samta nagar main road and reach the main thakur village junction only to realize that “high on tea” is not open.( me and my stupid home work )

Once again I request everyone to follow me till Suruchi hotel , 90 feet road , thakur complex.

Oh…..Suruchi hotel is also closed.

Sanjay R looses his patience and leads the group to Nagori tama tam tea ( same place as last time )

In all this confusion of shifting from highway to thakur village to thakur comlplex we loose track of each other and Sanjay P does not take the right turn. We soon realize the same and I try to follow him so that we can call him back . I am hopeful that at main road junction he will slow down or wait before taking the national park road. When I reach the highway he is far ahead beyond vasant marvel, rather more near Metro. I come back (later we apologise for the same )

Post tea party every one decides to start her/his weekend and we depart.


The end

6 thoughts on “BNP GR -Pahiya group cycling : II

  1. I am a fan of your blogs.. I love the pics in it… Your eyes takes in a lot…in other words you have an eye for everything…to the minute detail😀


  2. I like the flag bit. The fact that u r people centric makes it very interesting. Lukin frwrd to joining this grup soon…


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