Running in friend’s area: Yaar ke Mohalle mein run !!!!


Yaar ke Mohaale mein daud : running in friend’s area

15 the December 2017

Post weight loss programme ,we are able to also have weight maintenance programme.

The whole hearted participation is the sole reason for any programme to be called as a successful one.

“Please invite your runner friends to run in your area” is now a new group activity for the first week of weight maintenance programme. Running in any way is much better mode to explore any geography! In past I have discovered thimpu (capital of Bhutan and) in much better way when I could run with maheshbhai and sanjay. I have run with sheila at many locations. Running helps in familiarising local geography.

Rajesh ji ( Rajesh Jain ) has already taken the Sunday slot for “Dahisar river run “

Bhagyshree ji (Bhagyashree Joshi Mahale ) has invited everyone to run in and around LIC colony area in Borivali west.



You run along with your own local guide is the purpose for this kind of run. Every one usually is passionate about her or his area of residence. If you have spent good number of years in one locality, you know all the small details which even a regular visitor may not notice. Your friend can tell you interesting stories and anecdotes which can make your run enjoyable as well as the “run” remains marked in your memory.

6.05 am

As usual I am late. All have arrived and are through their warm up session.(Rajesh Jain, Bhagyashree with her brother, Aneesha Pant, Sanjay Padmanabhan.) I park my two wheeler opposite Shanti Ashram and join them.



We are targeting loops. It’s a winter morning so still it’s still dark.

We have decided to do one loop together. Yes everyone’s natural pace is different. Bhagyashree has to leave, hence we know she will be with us till one loop. Aneesha, true to her nature is committed to the project .She has a flight to catch in morning hours only, but she is there for one loop. Usually any one will use this as an easy and justified excuse to not join a “run with friends “

Our start is on a wide road as we run upwards. I have dozens of questions about the locality but there is limited time and everyone’s pace is different.

I am running with Sanjay Padmanabhan after ages. In past we have had great long runs starting from Mc D of borivali west till town side.

Soon we are running under a tree which full of bats and chirping of bats (if one can use bats sound representing early morning birds on the trees ) .I am told that in past there were more of these kind of trees in nearby area. The area still has one large mango orchard and during season local mangos are still sold. I make a mental note to visit the mango orchard during the season.(perhaps you should too)

We are now running in a small lane which reminds you of a typical township where in class IV employees are given ground floor housing.

I am told that LIC had developed this area and even offered flats to the policy holders in some attractive low investment scheme.

“The flats are quite spacious “ Rajesh ji and Aneesha tell me.

Our first loop ends and we have group photos as Bhagyshree and Aneesha leave.

For next loop I am running with Rajeshji and Sanjay. They start talking as I keep asking questions. Sanjay even becomes nostalgic about his childhood in Mulund and great childhood stories start rolling.

Some insight to Christmas atmosphere of the area is explained to me as we decide to take a longer loop.

Rajeshji has shifted to this side of town in nineties from SOBO.

He starts explaining local aspects. We stop at the huge football ground of St Francis. It’s quite big as compared to Mumbai standard.




Who is who of Mumbai football suburb scene has stamped his feet on this ground.

Once again we are on the road and we pass by a spot famous for “the great encounter with a ghost”.

Rajeshji narrates the whole story as if the encounter had happened very recently. The story goes something like this:

One night Rajesh ji and his wife were returning home late night by autorickshaw and they saw a girl being troubled by two boys.The rickshaw driver and the Jains decided to help the girl. When they stopped the rickshaw, and tried to help the girl, she turned her face towards them, and they met with the most scary sight of their life! Her face was too frightening for words. On seeing it the boys ran for their lives, and the rickshaw sped away. Everyone was shell-shocked. Mrs. Jain was so shocked that she had fever for the next two days .All this is interesting when on typical t.v. serials on aatma, bhoot-pret, etc. but in reality…too frightening

Alex.N.Sons ‘s have their business establishment right opposite to the spot.


May be one of their clients , instead of resting in peace decided to roam around the spot and say “Hi “ to the jains.

Our long loop takes us to the main station road as we run towards St Francis school and College establishments.

LIC St fransic

On our left is a kind of encroached (over the years) Dahisar River bank area. There are shops and slums covering the direct view of dahisar river. Our Sunday run is along the dahisar river.

We stop by Mandapeshwar caves.



They are believed to be 1500 plus year old. It has 8th century rock cut shrine dedicated to lord Shiva. The caves are in bad condition. Mumbai ‘s apathy towards history is also getting reflected.

Mount poinsar is the hill above mandapeshwar cave area.

We take right and go towards Karuna Hospital.

At the junction we meet Dr Kurmi and we all run a few meters together.

Our final run is towards shanti ashram. We decide to stop at two loops.

The run has some interesting inclines .The area is less crowded and still has a good green cover.

May be I should come for minimum 10k next time, is my departing thought.

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