Recently quoted ghalib sahab in one of the all India workshop on energy saving initiatives…

At the end of ppt

Ya rab! Vo na samze hai na samzenge meri bat,

De aur dil unko jo na de muzko zuban aur!!

By :mirza ghalib

One meaning :neither she has understood my love, nor she wants to be sensitive towards my feelings… Oh god please give her larger heart/inclusive heart… That may work. No point giving me more words to express my love.

Request at the end of presentation :yes I have spoken enough… Our journey to offer energy saving solutions is long and arduous… We will keep on working with missionary zeal… But beyond our words we want that god should give you more inquisitive mind and bold decision making powers so that ideas take shape and our country and the world become more energy efficient and green in truer sense!!

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