Weight Loss : The real story of 3 months of weight loss project:”BNPGR weight loss challenge”


“BNPGR weight loss challenge project”

Chapter 1 Prelude

Photos credits: BNPGR friends, Special photography by Nitin Kale


The idea is quite old. I have been lucky to have responsive participants in all the initiatives on various whatsaap groups belonging to BNPGR.

Whatsaap (or anything similar or better) is quite a necessary devil.

Whether you are able to use whatsaap to remain productive or whatsaap eats into your productivity is a debatable issue.

I have found uses and misuses of whatsaap kind of social forum quite amusing. I do get a little worried and maybe that is one of the reasons I have not ventured into Facebook, Instagram or twitter zone.

To remain connected to the world 24 x 7 is too overpowering.

“More you remain on the path of outward –external things less you go inwards and know thyself less “ is my fear ( sounding quite confusing, as if I have really gone deep within !!!!)

The most appealing aspect of the new age social media platform is the involvement and participation of a large number of people in real time and in the most convenient manner.

Using WhatsApp for regular contests has become easier with time.


First idea: 28th January 2017.

The idea is to create a subgroup within BNPGR of like-minded friends who are interested in weight loss project.

The basic premise is to have positive peer pressure

so that each and every member is motivated to stick to the commitments agreed upon by her/him.

I am searching for a new face who can judge the weight loss contest. Even though I have not interacted much with Manish Singh Rathod (working in Indian railway police) I want him to be the judge cum moderator.

I call him and introduce myself and express my desire.

“Sir, all you have to do is motivate everyone and select two winners at the end of the contest period. “

Soon I make a rough draft and send across to Rathod sir for his feedback


[28/01, 10:05 am] shailesh:

Friends, the enthusiasm of recent whatsaap groups formed during target VVMM and SCMM (both for the half marathon) was क़ाबिले तारीफ़ । I am sure we all are missing it.

Let’s have one more WhatsApp group by choice with theme “target weight reduction “.



How this can work.

.1) Rathore saheb (Shri Manish sinh Rathore ) will be our moderator , guide..motivator and final judge to declare two winners who have reduced their weight and achieved their desired target or goal(yes , he will take appropriate judgement as we all know that reducing from 65kg to 61kg is more difficult than reducing from 95kg to 85kg. Also methods followed will also be taken into consideration

2) Once we form the WhatsApp group. Please send personal message to Rathore ji with your latest photo, your own weight and your weight reduction target.


3) Within next 15 days take a joint photo with Rathore Ji during ones of the BNP regular run.

4) On the new WhatsApp group commit 5 things which you will follow for next 4 months…… For example ” I will not eat sugar in any form for next 4 months” or “I will not eat outside food for next 4 months ” or “I will do core exercises three times a week “….



. 5) At the end of every week (every Sunday evening posting time ) we all will give our own report card.(compulsory )… If you could stick to yourself declared plan you have to say “yes-no sugar”. (Yes core exercises : thrice a week )….. This will generate positive peer pressure and we all will be motivated to follow our own chosen path

6) at the end of 4 months everyone will post two photos




b)with Rathore sir….

  1. c) Winners will get healthy gift hamper

[28/01, 10:07 am] Shailesh: Sirji I will need your photo

[28/01, 10:51 am] Manish Sinh Rathod BNP:

Shailesh Bhai

Just wait till 15 Feb as I am waiting on my new place of posting if I retain in Mumbai then no issues and if I get a chance to Gujarat then its difficult. So please wait for some time.

Your thought is absolutely superb and motivational.

Jai Sree Krishna.

Post March 2017, we have lost touch with each other as now he is in Vadodara and his participation in BNPGR group has also come down.


All the endurathon 2017 preparation time:

Sanjay Raut and I had a series of discussions during Endurathon 2017. He is now president of BNPGR club and he wants to execute Endurathon 2017 in the best possible way.

I have already given my blogs on previous editions of Endurathons which I believe might have given some idea as they are the only written reports/chronological documents related to the events. Yes we Indians do excellent executions , but are very poor in making and keeping records. We in general dislike history, but yes like to glorify many things from our history without any documentary proof.



During the talks, he asks me to join the committee .

I have my constraints. In past, I have declined a couple of times to Maheshbhai when he was the president.

“ You don’t need me in committee. I am trying to contribute in my own way to keep the group cohesive “ is my answer.

Of course, he doesn’t like my ways of keeping the group alive.

He is now in charge !.


Earlier there were times BNPGR used to have sluggish periods where nothing much was being done.

Even BNPgr whatsaap groups were at times quite boring. During those times he was least bothered.

“Since I am in charge things will be different !! “ is the message I get.

Over the months we have become good friends. We came very close during 15 days Bhutan road trips. By circumstances, we had to share the room. You either come very close to someone ( or decide to remain very far from the person, post trip/event) when you are room partners. He could see me as a package. What all crazy things Shailesh can do, he must have observed and he is a good people reader !

He also reluctantly started listening to Osho, once he came to know that I listen to Osho during my runs. Initially, he found it the most stupid thing to do. Once he went beyond the “ sambhog to Samadhi se “ kind of Osho’s image, he understood.

We are discussing various ideas and one of the idea is “ the weight loss challenge” I even show him my chat with Manish Singh Rathore.

“ arre hum ye karenge “ is his answer as I can see his eyes getting brighter.


Once again I forget the project as other priorities take over, but Sanjay is sharp and persuasive. Once the dust settles down post-Endurathon he once again discusses the weight loss idea.

“ who will be the correct person or team to lead?? “ is the common question.

After some deliberation, he takes the final call “ Let Maheshbhai be the man “

Maheshbhai commands tremendous respect within runners’ community.

Soon he briefs Maheshbhai and it seems now the project will be on roll.

Before we all three can meet for a detailed discussion, Maheshbhai calls me to inform “ Oh I will not be able to do the weight loss project as some business priorities have become too demanding“

With utmost sincerity, he goes at length to share the problems related to his business and how he cannot devote time.

The Weight loss project once again loses all the weight and goes into abeyance.


Sanjay is a determined guy. He wants to revive BNPGr to the fullest. His vision is to make this group most vibrant and striking.

Once gain we are having discussions over a couple of coffees to restart the project.

By now we are so close that we can read each other easily.

He is very transparent and fair person. Straightforwardness is his trademark.

He hates politics and non-performers who are gullible sweet talkers.

At the same time being a businessman he understands the project dynamics, so he has the tenacity to zelofy troublemakers.

During the Endurathon 2017, I had proposed the concept of “promoting female power” to him and Maheshbhai.


Even though it was his first ever experience, Sanjay was ready for the same. Executing Endurathon with known -proven faces was always an easy option, but he was ready for new initiatives.

“ Girls vaise bhi zyada sincere hoti hai “ he remarked.

We went ahead with maximum girls’ participation to the zone where I was given the assigned duties. They became the face of Endurathon 2017 as they were given more frontline roles.

We are now looking at each other with “Shall we have one more coffee?” and he gives his final decision “Let’s do a weight loss challenge with only girls team “


Soon we are looking at long list of BNPGR female members. He is the president so he knows a number of female runners. We discuss some names. His criteria are simple: NO attitude, Willingness to give time, Self-starter. He hates if the chosen leader/team has to be reminded of her/their duties /responsibilities again and again.

My criteria are: Team should gel, the team should have faith in the idea ( and obviously in the ability of the person who is designing the project )little masti approach ( not taking ourselves seriously ) and No attitude!


He starts contacting individual team members.

One of the names which we have discussed is that of Sheila.

Sheila has lived the weight loss challenge. She has meticulously worked gm by gm and inch by inch over many months.

She has consulted three dieticians during the journey.

Me:“ I will not speak to her, You have to contact her and convince her “

Sanjay:“ Arre don’t worry I will do the job. Samzo kaam ho gaya “


First interactions :

We all meet at Café Coffee Day.

………………………………………………….Up Next: chapter 2 ……….


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