100* Reasons Why “ I RUN “

100* Reasons Why “ I RUN “

(* and

counting )

Photos courtesy: Meeta Meher


Certain questions are inevitable in life.

Every runner faces few fundamental questions!

No -these are not life disturbing question like

“What is the purpose of life? “

“Who are we? Why do we (humans) exist?”

“Who is the creator? “

“Is there any grand scheme? (by the almighty) am I part of the cosmic grand game?”

Runners face bit simpler question/s

“ Why do you run? “

It can be self-question

“ Why am I running? “

This self-question can come back again and again

“Why am I still running? “

Or this can be questioned by your friend who had initially also found your crazy love for running quite stupid

“Oh, you are still running? “ (when meeting after a time gap )

Runners across the world have faced questions (self or asked by others )

Following is my attempt to compile/add/ get new set of questions and even answers. ( Dear reader please contribute to this attempt in compiling the questions with answers.

Here it goes:

Eternal Question 1 :

Why do I run ? or Why do you run?

The format: The answers are classified into two categories

First :

Straight answer attempts ( SAA ), can be little heavy :

Second :

Twisted answer attempts ( TAA), can really go off the tangent.

Set of 5 will follow: First five: SAA followed by five of TAA and this cycle will continue till we reach 100 = 50+50 ( and here I will need the help of you )

Give me first five: SAA

S1: I run to discover myself.

S2: I run to explore and truly understand my potential.

S3: I run as it unwinds a lot of internal tangles.

S4: I run to liberate myself.

S5: I run to be with only myself.


T1: I run because my boss runs.

T2: I run because that is the only time when I am beyond the physical reach of my wife and boss ( it can be boss and wife sequentially, but either way it doesn’t matter )

T3: I run because my pace is faster than my boss and every time I overtake him in every race, I wish him a long good morning and just enjoy his reaction.

T4: I run because I am a daydreamer. Every long run – I am on a long daydreaming trip

T5: I run because I saw movie Forrest Gump 50 times & I am yet to figure out why Forrest kept on running.

Next 5+5 set :

S6: I run as running calms me.

S7: I run as the inner chatterbox slowly becomes silent.

S8: I run as running is meditation for me.

S9: I run as it reduces my stress level.

S10: I run to reduce my weight

T6: I run because it gives me a lot of pain and suffering & I am truly a masochist.

T7: I run as it is the only thing which I do great, otherwise I am a big zero.

T8: I run as I am actually running away from a demanding wife who can really keep me busy all the times.

T9: I run so that at the end of the run I can have burgers/vada pavs/samosas with less guilt.

T10: I run ( and even train)because all the girls ( new in every batch )call me sir and give me respect ( otherwise I am the junior most clerk in my office )


S11: I run to remain fit.

S12: I run to explore new geographies.

S13: I run to make new friends.

S14: I run to be with my friends.

S15: I run as it is the best networking thing.

T11: I run as it is the best way to do time pass and every month I am able to clear hundreds of hours which stare at me if I don’t run.

T12: I run as I am an art collector! I like my collection of finisher’s medals.

T13: I run and even win podiums. It gives me T-shirts, shoes and even money so I keep running. Oh, I wish that soon they start giving shorts.

T14: I run and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY??

T15: I run as I keep buying new sportswear every week/month


S16: I run to be a new man/woman

S17: I run as it keeps me motivated.

S18: I run as while running I clear a lot many business-related dilemmas.

S19: I run as it keeps my creative juices flowing.

S20: I run as it allows me to start my day in a very positive way.

T16: I run because the multibillion-dollar footwear industry tells me to do so.

T17: I run because my running-related facebook posts get maximum likes.

T18: I run as I have nothing better to do ( genuinely )

T19: I run as I stay in a housing complex full of mad running people who force everyone to join running.

T20: I run as it is safe to be with the herd. The latest society craze is “ it’s good to be in running “


S21: Running makes me strong mentally.

S22: Running prepares me for goal setting.

S23: I run as I am able to run any where. ( It does not need stadiums/closed covered facilities with all the paraphernalia )

S24: I run as it makes me more organised with my timelines. I remain sharp and focused throughout the day.

S25: I run: drink more water, sweat more in turn glow more!

T21: I run as it is the cheapest recreation sports to pursue. Golf was /is beyond my reach. Club memberships are too costly. Gyms keep raising their rates. And Yes nowadays I run barefoot: saved a lot on those costly shoes.

T22: I run as I have strong socialist-communist beliefs and running is a truly great leveller. When I run I see Corporate honchos equally sweating along with common men.

T23: I run because the group I have joined ends up having the beer at the end of every long run.

T24: I run as it develops my bowel pressure and helps me in a fast release.

T25: I run as I am quite different! People do sleepwalking, I: sleep running.

7 thoughts on “100* Reasons Why “ I RUN “

  1. I run to shape up my body so i look the best …
    I run to shape my thoughts so I perform best on personal n career goals..
    I run to make new friends so I learn from their experiances…
    I run to my pride n my happiness..


  2. I run to shape up my body so i look the best …
    I run to shape my thoughts so I perform best on personal n career goals..
    I run to make new friends so I learn from their experiances…
    I run for my pride n my happiness..


  3. I run, to maintain my size and avoid spending again on a new wardrobe.
    I run, because this is one sport where people respect you even though you have never been or may never be – a podium finisher. 😁


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