Running and Fitness world series: Part 3/5: Words/terms/expressions: 50/50: Smart or Senseless???

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Running and fitness ki Duniya


Explained: थोड़ा सीधा-थोड़ा टेढ़ा

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21/22/23 Body types :


Ectomorph :

This is the first body type. Ect when replaced by Act indicates not much gain even after tons of activities.,😉
People with ectomorph bodies are thin, skinny with small and delicate frames. Small shoulders (literally and figuratively) mean lack of responsibilities when it comes to gaining protein or fat on your body. The fast metabolism always does not allow the fat build-up and muscle mass remains lean.

Side View Photo of Person Touching Stomach

In south Asian context: Your mother is always worried. Mera beta sukha ka sukha rehta hai ( My son remains as skinny as a stick ) She is always ready to use any Baba’s magic remedy in her son’s diet.
Ideal body if you want to be the halwai (the sweet maker) who has to taste his items on a regular basis. Even you may end up on-ramp for catwalks.

Photo Of Pink Smoothie On Bowl

Woman Standing on Stage With Hands on Waist
When it comes to workout it is advised to work on large muscle groups. In any case, it is difficult to even locate the minor muscle groups so why bother?😂

22/50 )

Mesomorph :

This, as the name suggests, is the middle one. Like the spiritual philosophy of the middle path,😇 this can work out very well as one can have the best of both the worlds. Usually associated with an athletic body with stronger bones ( as compared to ectomorphs). You can build on your muscles with broad shoulders.

Woman Wearing Black Sports Bra

Photo of Man With Muscular Body
Fat weight gain can be a matter of concern if not taken care of.
Mesomorph bodies respond well to cardio as well as weight training and show results immediately at the end of hard work.

23/50 )


It is the official end of this kind of body morphing/I mean body type. Beyond this range we can only have XLL/XLLL/XLLLL, basically more L can be added,😵 but smartly the body type category is restricted to just three body types.

A very fat cat in a garden

{It seems that in the 1940s, psychologist William Herbert Sheldon used thousands of photos of naked Ivy League students without their consent to create a classification of the human body shape. Since he was doing this without the consent, he must have realized to keep it simple and limited his study to 3 body types only😛}

Endomorphs are softer and full-figured round bodies ones. They can be short and stocky. The fat weight gain is their forte and it is usually a one-way street when it comes to fat gain. They must work hard in all the workouts and keep the high hopes. They are always advised to watch the calorie intake, which they normally and sincerely watch in the mirror every now and then and wonder

o teri , ye kab hua? “ { what the heck …is that someone else in the mirror again?? 😲}

Disclaimer: 1)For any doting mother the endomorph kid will still look like a malnourished kid and she will insist that he must eat properly.
Disclaimer ( a bit more genuine ): Most people are a combination of these types rather than strictly one version. Usually, people fall in between these.


Stride length :

Simply put: It is the length of each step( toe of one foot to the toe of the other foot or heel to heel ) one takes when running. Of course, it does not clarify who are you running from

Split-Level Photography of Man Underwater

Depending on your panic your stride length can vary, IF you are chased by a ferocious dog it may not remain constant! When it comes to normal running there are typical figures thrown in: average stride length for male: 75 to 80 cm. Average stride length for female: 65 to 70 cm. There are a lot of ways to measure the stride length: footprint method, distance travelled vis a vis number of steps taken to methods using height-based formula. It is always better to find your own comfort stride length. Any longer stride length beyond your comfort zone can be very demanding and can be sustained for a shorter distance.

{It is stated that Usain Bolt took only 41 steps when he set the world record at 9.58 seconds with an unusually long stride length.}


Runner’s High

Man Wearing White Pants With Left Foot Up
The actual expression can be: How to get a runner’s high?
As we know Running is an addiction and achieving runner’s high is the aim of the run-addict!
There are a lot of ready to use methods which guarantees the runners high!
As of now, the runner’s high is referred to as the feeling of pure elation, euphoric mood due to the release of endorphins released during your long run.
Endorphins! The homemade happy chemicals are the reason to make us run-addicts as we keep on craving for runners high again and again!
More research is adding more chemicals like cannabinoids which help us in feeling and keeping high. It is clear that we all have to keep running as may be in coming years more research will happen and we will be told that our craze for running is nothing but full-to chemical factory which keeps producing happy chemicals.
So more the running, more is the chemical locha and more will be that intoxicated feeling. Most economical way of getting high without spending a lotta money on drugs or alcohol.
Hitting the wall

Position Of Figures
The running community loves philosophical terms and this one is one of the classics.
Obviously, it does not relate to any kind of hurdle race marathon.No it is not any rigid wall which one has to tackle during the marathon course.
It is an imaginary wall, rather it has nothing to do with any imaginary wall. It is a mental state ! and yes mental state without any wall ….oh hell just forget the wall !!!!🤦🏻‍♂️
During the marathon when one feels a sudden drop in energy levels with a wave of fatigue it is termed as “You have hit the wall”! Usually, around 32 km people hit this “wall”( during full marathons )
When one runs out of carbohydrates stored in her/his body and have to suddenly shift to burning mostly fat/protein to keep going. With this glycogen depletion, even our brain may want to shut down activity as a preservation method, which may lead to the negative thinking that comes along with hitting the wall. Runners can feel weak, dizzy, experience headaches, blurred vision, and more.
The way to prevent ‘hitting the wall’ is to replenish the body with some form of carbohydrate during the event, and if one hits the wall then one has to slow down and take simple sugar ( but it should be able to digest and not result in vomiting )

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