GLOW: BNPGR’s Health Transformation Project: Chapter 6/6

The programme which was 18 months in making and further 5 months in execution has come to an end.

Unlike earlier seasons: season 1 & season 2 which concentrated more on weight loss, this time the focus was on overall health transformation.

We were lucky to have runners as participants. A runner has evolved and reached a basic level of commitment. Once we want her/him to follow the ten tasks every day, for over 3 months, the probability of many participants following the task diligently is quite high. The same may not be assured when you work with average Janta (people)

One of the aims was also to help an individual runner to excel in her/his journey.

If I have to take a simple analogy of any combustion engine-driven automobile, the lighter the weight, more will the efficiency and we will get more mileage and/or speed

One statistic says “ with  every 1 kg of weight reduction your half marathon finish timing can improve by 1 and half a minute to 2 minutes”

With the Glow project, we have tried to address not only the weight of the machine but the complete fuel line, fuel burning, toxicity, and by-products.

Movement, exercise, HIIT, yoga, and breathing worked on Range of motion, better oxygen carrying mechanism, and oxygen burning zone.

The complete functional nutritional approach tried to work on better metabolism, less harmful by-products, better digestion, and burning, optimizing all the blood markers so we could at least respect the complex world of food to energy: with an interplay of macro & micronutrients, enzymes, hormones & minerals.

The final results have been more than encouraging. Followings are various statistics and as we say

हाथ कंगन को आरसी क्या?

BNPGR: Borivali National Park Green Runners

Project Glow: Season 3 of weight loss आणि बरच काही

(Previous seasons: 2017 (total weight loss 220 Kg) & 2019 (total weight loss 235 Kg)

This time: the programme was designed to cover food, liquid,

 movement, exercise, breathing, eye care, hair care, skincare

stress management, toxin elimination

and most importantly increasing & developing your bonds-

both internal & external

Duration: 6th March 2022 to 4th June 2022

163 BNPGR members enrolled on day 1

After one month: 130 gave their measurements: total weight loss at the end of the month: 187.4 kg

After two months: 105 could come and give their measurements: Total weight loss at the end of two months: 232.35 Kg

After three months: 73 could come and give their measurements: Total weight loss at the end of three months: 262.3 Kg

Project Glow also dealt with inch loss, total fat loss, visceral fat loss, and improvement in blood chemistry panels

Blood chemistry panels

Initially, 132 participants opted for the selected blood tests at the chosen laboratory. At the end of 3 months, only 37 repeated the same set of blood tests at the same laboratory.

Criteria: improvement in the analyte so that it falls within the accepted norms of functional nutrition

1st position was equally shared by Dr. Parul Shah & Vaibhav Gokhale

2nd position was equally shared by Dharmesh Jobanputra, Viren Pattni & Sunita Bagul

Few examples of individual blood marker/analyte

………………………..The END

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