poetry ….III

One of the interesting theme in urdu  shayari is the after effect of “failed love “ or behavior of “mashook/mashooka ”after the death of the unlucky soul.


The sher is usually very visual .


Here are two shers by fan kar : riyaz khairabadi



“ham dil mein khush ke sabz-ye-turbat hara hua ,

Voh is ada se roye ki palke bhi nam naheen !”


I had become very hopeful and happy that the grass around my “grave “would become more green ,

But he/she cried ( when he /she visited my grave as a courtesy) in such a way that there were no tears even to make the eyes moist.( forget about profound grief which may result in lots of tears. )

Sabz-e-turbat : grass near ( my ) grave .


“Haath gustakh hai …uth  jayein na ye daman par ,

Bach ke niklein meri markad  ( grave )se  guzarnewalo !”


Oh all those who are passing by my grave,

Please be careful…

My hands are bit  “gustakh” …they may catch hold of your  “daman”

( if your daman is caught than I may not easily leave )


Note : may sound spooky to some, but has dimensional depths in these kind of shayri….

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