cycling : bandra II

Cycling : bandra II

Today is different. My earlier planning was for totally different areas of Bandra.

Riva is with me and I want to take her to key landmarks .

This time we park our car near Joggers’ Park.


She is amused to know that this was one of first of it’s kind and even one Hindi Movie has named after it and has some scenes. To her it’s not very impressive. She is definitely from the generation which belonged to “deprived circumstances “

She has more choice and variety .


At one corner of Joggers’ park one can see couple of women selling fishes and the visual of

Cats-dogs and fishes add  to mood of Sunday morning.

We have dismantled the stand. Unfolded my foldi and soon ride on towards lands end.

We take the chimbai internal road.

The road going towards Taj’s lands end is lively, but there are not many runners. SCMM 16 is approaching and most of the runners are in taper mode .

Bandra fort has parking for cycles.


Riva has some fascination for Mumbai/Bombay history. She knows a lot more than any one of her age.

She willingly reads the stainless steel playcard/plaque which talks about importance given to this fort by Portuguese .

Bandra  worli sea link can be seen in its full majestic form  from here and a lot of photo opportunities can be  tried at different hours of the day.


We take the carter road all the way till khar danda. Within 500 meters the complete geography and demography changes. The smell near khar danda is predominantly strong.

Before union park Riva decides to push the cycle rather then ride. We cross the area as I show her the restaurants on the way.

At carter road junction  a very small area is now modern khaugali. Any one   who is in food business would love to operate from here.

Soon we are crossing Rizvi complex as I show her places where I had worked during  initial Mumbai days.

We cross Yoga café and soon reach ‘The Bagel’


We have our leisurely breakfast .


We take straight route back to joggers’ park.


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