1st group run after the formation of BNP GR

First BNP green runners group run cum maheshbhai’s good wishes shubhechha run

It is a celebration Sunday!  Celebration by running community.

There is already a sense of commitment and excitement.

I am up by 3:15 am, but i have to reach airport to receive my wife’s cousins. If one is comfortable, enthusiast and proactive towards friends and relatives from his wife’s side.. He is a  blessed sole!  ( i always wonder why some of  my wife’s friends’ husbands become aloof and taciturn when they have to attend events which are from  wives side)

On the other hand post T2 new terminal i am always ready to go to the international airport during late nights or early morning.

One can easily park the vehicle ( of course with  exorbitant charges ) and can be part of various human emotions… Crying, hugging, kissing, anxious,  unsure, relieved…. and all in much comfortable large open area with enough place to sit,  drink and eat and wait.

The old airport lacked all these and i used to avoid going there… (one funny fact:  parking charges till  P5  are lower than parking charges for P 6 till P 10… As you are near departure you have to pay more???? )

I find a place away from crowd and start doing by pre run exercises whereas sheila positions herself at exact exit gate of arrival.

During my 20 minutes of exercises 2 security guards pass by me and give smiling approval to my wierd attempts as i am adding one more colour to the types of human emotions and behavior on behalf of public.

When the cousins arrive, post hugging and namaste they actually register my running dress code/ attire
Which leads to explanation…

When i reach the starting point it is 6:05 am. I had not informed any of the bus leaders about my joining them as i was not sure of my schedule.

I decide to run solo and hope to catch  21 km bus and hope that kaushikbhai will allow me to join mid way. Even at this hour one can feel humid and getting hot climate… There are solo runners like Sandy and we have the typical ‘ hi buddy’ kind of running gesture.. I see  the 21 km bus coming back on the way and before i can request, kaushikbhai signals me to take a u turn from a good distance and soon the verbal advice follows… So i join the front row lead by kaushikbhai, Sunilji, Dhanraj… As the bus is coming back the pace is quite good…..

 The discussion before i joined was on running pace, heart beats.

Soon gyan Ganga flows and my job is to listen and inbibe… Whether the formula of 220 minus your age or 40%  of your max capacity… The discussions is by ‘learned ones’
On the way we see the huge running block of our BNP friends…. Looks like 10 k and 5 k is merged. Everyone looks very happy and sense of belonging is the strongest. At water station post refilling

Dhanraj departs as he has some work. Soon we are on second loop.

I am running with really fast runners. At 2.5 km we have deja vu moment where in kaushikbhai says… ‘ we are five minutes before schedule..’

Sunilji tells frankly that for him now it is difficult to run at a place which is slower than his natural pace, rather the slower the pace… He feels tired…

I soon realise that the others in this bus are behind and they are running at their natural pace or the heat and humidity is affecting them. I hear telling my self… Chalo 5.25 k tak kar le than you can always slow down. We meet Indrayani at various places taking photos of all the runners… Her dedication and being there for the group is really ‘ kaabile taarif ‘ we meet Dr-captain twice in to and fro run…. He is cheering everyone! Circumstances make Life some what complex  but if you take it in correct spirit it becomes poetry!

Ankur joins by asking ‘ kya mein aapke saath daud sakhta hoon!?  I smile at him… Here i am already running with Sunilji and kaushikbhai at their desired pace and now more ace runner volunteers for company….. Naacheez ko kya chahiye!  Ankur is attempting 30 plus, next week he will do 40

He does zigzag laps just to be with us… I wonder whether GPS can measure this side ways laps in total distance calculation. Sunilji shares his experiences of running on inner loop vis a vis outer loop on typical running track like SAI grounds and GPS does show extra miles! At 5.25 ankur leaves for kanheri and we turn back.

Now my run till end virtually remains with Sunilji and it is fun as he talks on various subjects and he is talking ‘aaram se ‘ as if we are talking over a cup of coffee… He explains beautifully on the concept of being fit and being healthy… We May be fit but not necessarily healthy. He gives real life examples of sub 4 marathoners who have misjudged their health. One of the interesting fact is many of experience runners hide their health problems either due to personal ego or not listening to their own body signals!

We wonder if in BNP club can we have an expert talk on ‘ listening to your body signals’

our Topics cover wide subjects and i also ask him about best food in Powai area.  He gives many suggestions from his personal experiences for Sunday brunches in and around Powai . His actual training for 24 hours run will start soon and he will do 2 x 12 hours run! …. May be one in day and one in night!!  ( yin —  yang…. Covering all prahars similar to music sessions in different time zones / prahars…. We are at post run exercise zone.

The whole group is around. During various exercises meet many friends.. ‘Coach paras’ wants to ‘kidhar the? How days away From  BNP running field?  ‘Coach Varun’ monitors few of my exercises! The star of event is maheshbhai who is in great demand as many want to congratulate him in person. Today’s group  run is also dedicated to him. As i lift my body from one of the stretch position i see him coming towards  me. His eyes are conveying many thoughts… I move from my position and we hug like brothers meeting after years of separation (post Kumbh mela separation….)

I want to tell him a lot. I want to give simily of energy of group meditation to the group running…. We hundreds of BNP runners have energised  ‘the  fields’ which will give him super energy during his comrade run and all that heavy stuff!!  But he just smiles and hugs… It is a sweaty hug!  Silence speaks and we remain in the bliss of that silence . Some wishes, some things remain beautiful ‘unsaid / unspoken ‘.  Few past visual in the form of slide show moves in my eyes… We both running in dark in lonavala where he tells me to take baby steps on steep incline, relief on our faces after the nature ‘s call in early morning hours at ambey valley,  Satara post run party,  his first to hit dance floor during post SCMM party, him joining me to cajole dan sir and melwyn sir for dance…….                    ” May the force be with him”

The group is called on the ground which on  the one side of the road and coach paras and coach Varun address the gathering on the successful run ‘ couch to 5 k ‘.    maheshbhai gives brief on comrade run, his last year run and his readiness for this year’s run. Many who have run along with maheshbhai in lonavala, kajupada hills, in BNP all our with him at these moments.!

Nileshbhai reassures me that my shayari does not bore him ( even though he never respond to any posting of anybody  on whatsapp… I smile which conveys… Yes boss i believe you. Have little chat with Kiran and wish that he joins this year’s Satara post run party ( daudana to bahana hai)

As i depart and go home to once again play the role of good host,  i meet sunilji, shanky and PP having Chinese bhel and everything fried outside road side stall.  Supriya, Rupal and shashiji are looking at this eating trio with amused look. Shashiji comments the day he will have body like Sunilji he will also willingly have all these stuff, before i can react… Rupal who was till now a fence sitter declares that she is joining them to taste/ eat ! I decide to move on before i get tempted and  have neera instead….
…… End

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