two spiritual runs (2nd : 1st june 2014 )

Jai Mahesh run
1st June 2014 , Sunday
I have already touched my forehead to the shivling at Babulnath temple. Post half shashtang  namaskar ( full not possible as the floor , in spite of reasonable cleanliness is all wet as water and milk overflows and human movement makes the floor dirty  and there is Sunday rush.
Post darshan I am standing inside the garbh sthan at one corner and observing people. In between the thoughts of famous amitabh scence plays in my mind
“kush to bahot huve hoge….aaj tumhara naamdhari  ( Mahesh ) south Africa mein desh ka naam roshan karane jaa raha hai aur Jai Mahesh ke bhakt aur chele chapate  unki kaamayabi ke liye subah se prayer run mein bhag  rahe hai “
Devotees have come with bail patra, water and milk . looks like thousands  litres of milk will be utilized today.
In spite of “ do not bring milk in plastic thailies people find it convenient to use the same. A tiny hole in pishvi and you have a pichakari which can last one minute.
There is a specific laminated paper posted on temple walls  which explains the type and quality of bail patra.
Babaulnath has very much apanapan type of feeling. It is in midst of houses. You can see ladies talking over the open window , kids using the open area as a kind of play area. the premises is clean and well maintained. one can also relax at ease.
Today’s run is called by kaushikbhai who is making me more spiritual. Sidhivinayak run , hare Krishna run  now babulnath run…soon runs like banganga ( at walkeshwar ) or for plural  and secular society like india , mother mary run till bandra , hajiali darshan run may follow. I only hope that in over enthusiasm we should get tempted to go for titawala ganpati run or mahad or pali ganpati run
I am up at 3:30 am and by the time I start running ( immediately once I am out of lift ) it is 4:29 am
Some how the run till borivli east west flyover does not give me easy feeling. it looks like this may not be the day. at this hour temperature and humidity is quite high and there is no breeze of any kind.
The first good luck sign  of the day is when I meet bharatbhai at the start of east west fly over and my self apprehensions are well taken care of. Bharatbhai blessing you before your group run itself is magical.
At Mac D there is whole lot of janta. it is mini celebration
Post jhappis we are on the move. Ankur zooms past and it is obvious that today he will be running in different dimension.
We are running at good pace. The fast pacers’ are running at even faster pace. Kaushikbhai talks about lady from railway ( name ?? ) soon zooms as rajdhani express and  disappears along with fast runners. Ankur and aadesh are no where to be seen as they are running at good speed.
Suvendu is running with me and soon we are conversing about his vacation at Kashmir.the  families’  7 km horse ride on hills is described  by him in  the most interesting way.
Running in  group  on SV road has one clear advantage….you cross goregaon without realizing and once you reach jogeshwari you actually come to know that  a good distance is now covered more like  awarm up run/patch. At jogeshwari we run pass chandiwala group’s main office and we wish punitbhai
Uses his good charm so next time we have a good water and food station arranged on the route.
Throughout the run I read many other walas boards….ghaswala, gheewala etc….if one one actually explores I think whole commodity market name walas  can be covered.
Anant sir’s kripa- help  is ongoing . Nitesh and car is always there to make this run comfortable and with no struggle for any support.
For couple of km I am  running with punitbhai and supriya. We are discussing Indians in general  ( especially in tier II and tier III ) cities are walking less. Even for shorter distance they use two wheeler/four wheeler. Supriya is naturally a fast runner but till sidhi vinayak she maintains the groups’ average pace .
From nanavati hospital till bandra jhari mari temple ( opp bandra talav my runs is with………….
For me a mini gyan ganga flows as he explains how a dedicated special effect and animation studio is managed and run. His studio is exclusively catering to the needs of Disney USA . my curious mind is asking questions which he  politely and patiently answers , but this reduces his pace and by bandra he decides to run faster and join kaushikbhai and gang.
In between at khar we have paased by a clinic which says “ sleep disorder clininc “
Up market suburbs have specialized solutions to their special residents.
Just before SV road and  linking road junction on rights side there is early  morning “ Mahila gruh udyog “ kind of market.
Two ladies have spread all eatables on road side make shift shop and it looks the couple of hours market.
From lucky restaurant at bandra my run virtually becomes solo ( with exception of run with savio )as every one is ahead.
Mahim cause way is a boring stretch. Once I am on cadel road the early morning business kind of environment  keeps me occupied. The bakeries are releasing fresh aromas . at one point there are 5 to 8 sharbat laaries ( carts ) where in different sharabts are undergoing  preparation and refilling…there is kalakhata to all kind of coloured liquids…being Sunday and summer month business will be good at all the picnic points. I feel like stopping and asking them about their business , but realize I am the last one in running team.
At shivaji park I have my moments of inner struggle to give up ( for better Marathi nashta ) but some how convince myself by having a mini head bath in the well maintained washrooms.
The water cools my thoughts and I am back in running.
At sidhivinyak punitbhai ( nokhi maati no maanvi : alag mittika bana hua farishta ) is with aadesh in the changed profile
From runners now they are supports. Punitbhai’s  sense of belonging with BNP green runners is supreme and now on at every car stop he remains the inspiration along with aadesh. Savio whom I was missing as running partner on this route comes to my rescue  as my savior. He joins me from sidhivinayak  and I am able to run strong with him.
He is great help in spite of his morning fall where he got hurt.
Savio remains with me till mela turn below the Nehru centre fly over.
From this point onwards I am again on my own.
I am running against the traffic and see a lot of cyclists taking part in some kind of event.
A father and son duo is cycling and son has a lot of questions which father is patiently answering.
My pace is slowed down . by the time I am on hajiali curve I am wishing for breeze. today is a harsh day. Throughout the  hajiali long curve there is no breeze. Only air column jerk you feel when a large vehicle like bus passes by. When I complete 3/4  of the curve sun comes out in full force. It is heat everywhere. Road starts radiating the heat. After the main junction I decide to have something chilled. I thank dudhwala nileshbaba when I gulp down on chilled energy milk drink non stop.
The last 5 minutes force me to use salman khan’s most famous off the camera dialogue which describes my state of affairs
I meet punibhai , aadesh, nileshbhai and savio at beginning of peddar road. Punitbhai is concerned about my health and endurance. I move on….i make peace with peddar road incline by simple walk and resume my run once I am at comfortable height/altitude.
Now I take support of music.
From this point till babaulnath I put the song “ JIYA “
In loop of my walkman
The lyrics by Dr Irshaad kamil
Singer :Arijit singh
The song has a lingering effect and helps in running due to the inherent rhythm. The bass is really haunting. The lyrics are good ( not the best as expected from irshaad kamil )
 Post darshan I am doing little stretching exercises ( do not have much time as friends are waiting for me “ the late lateef “ ) one gentleman is standing near  and looking at me with amused look . I am doing this exercises near the chappal stand. I smile at him and about to explain my need for this jugglery , the lady volunteer at the stand speaks loudly…” are inko inke chappal lene do ! “ I realize that I am virtually blocking his way to his footwear. Now on my exercises are under the watching eye of the lady volunteer.
My running soft wear mobile programme shows 35.62  km as mileage till the last steps of babaulnath mandir.
I really wonder  whether in this whether by doing 35 km ( and mainly solo run in last kilometers ) I did the right thing or not ? but I turn and look back at the shiva temple ( babulnath) and say loudly “ jay Mahesh “
“ guru govind dou khade kake lagan pay, balihaari guru aapne govind diyo batay “
“I could do this hot summer run  ( that also at times solo ) thanks to the  friend, mentor and guruji  like maheshji and he is the instrument who has made me realize my potential ! “
“ jay Mahesh “
Note : what followed was a pre celebration party  ( for comrade ) with friends ( some of whom do not want to reveal their identity ) and we had gala time together which reminded me of college days type of friendship and masti . we sat on the same sofa at same place  like last time where in we had enjoyed with Mahesh guruji .
We obviously  got delayed and  reached home only after 1:15 pm .post lunch and post sleep, Riva  reminds me of my promise to help the young kids  with society library : which will be run and managed by young kids of 7 to 12 years old.
This act of Sunday balancing becomes refreshing as kids have their own  creative story narration session during evening hours in the library.


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