poetry continued………

few sher from the immortal 19 minute gazal /nazam of janab aslam sabri ….

“.tu kisi aur ki jageer hai e jane gazal”

Kuch toh majbooriyaan rahi hongi
Yun koi bewafa nahi hota

Jee bohat chahta hain sach bolein
Kya karen hausla nahi hota

Apna dil bhi tatol kar dekho
Faasla bewajha nahi hota

Raat teri naheen, raath meri naheen
Jisne aankhon mein kaati wohi payega

Koi kuch bhi kahay, aur mein chup rahoon
Ye saleeqa mujhe jaane kab ayega

( one can see this as a ready reference guide : “how we all behave in different circumstances…..with different relationship “…..kindly read the last sher couple of times….if we are able to implement this saleeqa to even some minute percentage in our life….a lot can be achieved……)

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