Chapter 3 (3/5 ):Borneo International Marathon 2018 photo/video blog; 1st BNP (Borivali National Park) Green runners’ family masti Malaysia & Singapore: May 2018

( Photos courtesy: BNPGR friends )
Part I
Section I: Prelude to Borneo International Marathon 2018


Section II: Photo journey: The travel with different themes.


5th May 2018

Kuala Lumpur international airport: As we take the three coach interconnecting train between two terminals we realise that we are a large group (57 including our guide Mr Guru) and the coach feels like an exclusive facility for our group only.


We have a connecting ‘so called domestic flight’ for Kota kinabalu.

At Kota kinabalu we are once again subjected to formal immigration process as Sabah retains control over its own immigration.

As we are almost arriving at lunch time our first stop is at Kohinoor: a North Indian restaurant at anjung samudra wate\nr front. The owners Mr Rajeev Singh and Deljit Kaur are quite welcoming.


Our Janata (group) is very pleased with our first hotel at Kota Kinabalu “Ming Garden”

Post good food and late bath most of the janata want to relax.

My family has little option as I want them to come with me to Borneo expo. I have been talking to Marjie over phone (she has a very musical dialogue delivery) since many months. Except expo there is absolutely no time and post marathon it is very likely that she will take a break.

“We must meet her” is my demand.







Grab is the new owner of Uber in Malaysia.( Grab operates in eight of the south eastern countries ) Calling a taxi is easy and fast.

Soon we are at the expo. We have reached at the fag end of the day at the expo. Kota kinabalu is a coastal town.

Like Goa they have correct attitude towards work and life. Why slog? Susegad (from Portuguese word: Sossegado (quite) is the correct attitude which one realises after running around the whole globe couple of times.

Expo will close at 6 pm means it will really close at 6 pm.

We greet the team Borneo marathon.

We have a token gift for Marjie (nice to give pleasant surprise to people whose efficiency and pro active approach you really admire).

{Marjie:on right}

Of course they all are busy, but we spend some time with them

{Team Borneo Marathon 2018}

Later we have a leisurely round of expo.

It is quite an interesting expo. Borneo being an exotic (and a faraway and costly place to reach and run a marathon) place still has an impressive expo for a marathon event.

I decide to walk back to hotel, just to explore the geography.

Sheila, Riva and Tvisha all are extremely tired but they understand and know my crazier ways. We have a long but beautiful walk. At one place we have coconut Oreo shake. It is combination of coconut milk and Oreo biscuits with an ice cream.

(Later throughout our Malaysia tour we keep looking for similar treat but fail to get similar one).

By the time we are hotel, we realise no one has energy to go for the official dinner. We have homemade food and fruits and decide to sleep early where as remaining group goes for the dinner (part of our package)

………………………………………to be continued in chapter IV

Part II : Photo Journey :

On the move……

Even if we are not running,

we are still constantly moving.

This is a custom made, our own designed tour, but still remains a travel agency tour (SOTC). Each day’s schedule is jam-packed.

You can see us moving…

.. .with trolleys (as we start our journey with dozens of trolleys (with kid or without kid sitting in front),

on travolators (moving walkway),

on escalators,

in coach and with coach,

in capsules of flyers,

during lovely boat rides,

on roller coasters, in grab taxis, and much more!

Our itinerary does not give us much free time. In Singapore we are able to meet Subbu and Anita (Our fellow marvelites ) , meet Rekha ( who travels down to meet us in Ferar Park ( but miss Jitu as we do not have enough time to visit their home…Sheila’s cousins.)

In Malaysia we keep trying to find some time slot so that we can interact with Sharma family over cup of coffee. Once I want Bhabhiji to join us for shopping but somehow we are not able to decide.

Our programme starts on 4th night.

5th afternoon post lunch every one decides to relax in hotel except 4 of us as we visit expo.

6th Post Marathon in second half we are taken to Lok Kawi wild life park.( maintained by Sabah wild life department ).

It is relatively small as compared to more famous ones in peninsular Malaysia and the most famous Singapore Zoo. It is ideal for post marathon day sightseeing. The animal show is quite interactive .

Overall the crowd is less and you enjoy more as compared to crowded and famous zoos and parks. During our visit it seems the whole park is exclusively for us only. Here we meet the face of Borneo marathon: the Proboscis Monkey .

7th We fly back to Kuala Lumpur and meet our first and only major rainy spell throughout the tour. Our hotel Silka May

is somewhat centrally located so we decide to explore the local geography.

8th Is devoted to Kuala Lumpur City tour + KL tower + Putrajaya tour city tour .Putrajaya gives you some insight to all the fancy designs which we see in the street light lamp posts experimented by different Municipal corporation in India.

9th full day goes for multi theme park Sunway Lagoon which sits below ground in an old tin mine. Some of our team members are super fast as they go for full paisa vasul mode to cover almost all 6 amusement parks within the large zone to the maximum.

10th Full day tour to beautiful Malacca. They have maintained some kind of picture-perfect post card look. Trishaws with full music give tough competition to our fully loaded tuk tuks-six seaters-cycle wala- auto with zankar beat music.

11th : group divides. Those who stay back have local sightseeing as they have an evening flight to Mumbai ( which gets delayed by couple of hours )

2nd group proceeds to Singapore by road.

Post 5 hours bus journey , janata decides to explore local surroundings

12th Singapore city tour, Flyer , followed by Zoo. Jurong Bird Park will soon come in the vicinity . Nature will be sold with bigger package as 4 to 5 parks in one location will be the sales pitch .

13th Jurong Bird Park ( soon to be shifted )and Santosa Island with sea aquarium ( still very interesting ) and wings of time show. This time the show does not have any story line , all we get to see is technology on display . It still remains the biggest crowd puller and it seems it is the excellent business tie up between Santosa management and all the travel agencies which make this event commercially a multi begger for all the stake holders.

14th We have full day for Universal Studio ( Our smart planning : Let’s do this on Monday as it will be less crowded but we soon realise ,we are not the only self declared smart planners! A lots other Indian tourists and tour operators have planned on similar lines…end results :good crowd even on Monday, but not alarmingly high to jack up the prices of express pass to the highest bracket )

In spite of time constraints and tiredness, we are able to run three days in Malaysia (marathon+ botanical garden+ twin tower run)

2 days in Singapore: garden by the bay and Clarke Quay- River run.

Final Outcome: 5 Morning runs during a very hectic –moving –schedule of 11 days…..

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