Week 1 :Chapter 4 :Weight Loss :The real story of 3 months of weight loss project:”BNPGR’s weight loss challenge”

BNPGR’s weightloss project: Week 1: Sunday, 17th September to Saturday 23rd September 2017

Photos courtesy: BNPgr friends, Pexels.com

Even though we had detailed oath-taking ceremony, tasks sink in slowly.

Summary of 1st week’s commitments:

  • Dinner by 8 pm
  • No bakery products
  • 5 workouts: minimum work out duration: 45 minutes
  • No to refined sugar
  • 3 litres of water ( or more )
  • No to packaged food.
  • 3 fruits

For some, the task of asking people to have dinner by 8 is kind of wrong planning. People come home only after 9.00 pm.

How on earth one is expected to have dinner before that? We have a live debate on the task.

No to Bakery products touches the ubiquitous item called” bread”

Life without bread for the whole week? Soon BNPGR main weight loss whatsaap group starts debating on the task.

The main debate or posts invariably start debate/discussions on our coordinators’ group.

“We must allow brown bread! “

“Yes can’t tell them if you don’t eat bread -eat cake! “

Soon whole wheat bread is made an exception within bakery products.

No to refined sugar is taken in good spirit except Sugar not allowed in tea or coffee!!

How can we have tea without sugar?

We are ready to leave sugar in all other eatables, but our daily tonic of tea/coffee.

The idea of a Subtle allowance is strictly resisted and they are told “Nothing doing – No refined sugar for this week in any form. Sugar in natural form – in fruits only allowed.

Sheila gives the substitute of sugar as Kharek powder( Dried dates powder. )

kharek powder

No to packaged food is also elaborated: no to even ready to cook items. Anything pre-packed, precooked, made with preservatives for longer shelf life, having acidity regulators, colours, additives, engineered food { any of theses of in any combination of these ) is to be totally avoided.

assorted color box lot on rack
Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com

3 fruits: Task is followed with great interest. We have given them which fruits to have and which one to avoid. There are still some healthy debates. Local fruitwalas soon become happy as we are indirectly starting a good habit which will go on beyond the project period and obviously a constant money flow to the fruit vendor.

close up of food
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A very simple looking task catches us off guard. Soon we realise that some friends are doing shortcuts. The task of3 fruits in a day is designed in such a way that each fruit works as a mini meal. They are placed in different time zones so that they become “in between main meal” eating items to take care of hunger pangs.

Soon we see visuals of nicely cut three different fruits in the same plate. Friends are having all the three fruits at one go. Let’s eat and finish it off kind of task management !!

We have to remind them to treat each fruit as a mini eating interval to take care of in-between hunger pangs.

Water management is easier for any runner so drinking 3 litres is an easier task.

What becomes challenging for us as well as participants are the scoring pattern.

How do we design scoring ??


Yes, we need 7 x7 matrices. Seven task and total should lead us to 49.

The interesting aspect is not every task can follow simple straight-line method.

Not having refined sugar for all seven days can easily get you 7×7.

( Yes there is no leeway for once a day mistake…Oh, I had evening tea with sugar by mistake! NO it is simple throughout 24 hours you are off the refined sugar and you get 1 point/ mark. Do it for all 7 days and you get 7/7 )

What about workouts ??? Can we design compulsory workouts for all seven days ??? Absolutely not when you are trying to design a common programme for 80 plus group.

So we have a different scoring system. Later on, we even introduce negative markings. It is like respecting those who are sincere and giving some negative marks to someone who is not helping herself/himself from the basic health point of view. Finally, this whole programme is aimed at the participant’s own better health only.

There is also the question of the group’s overall total score. If few in the group are sincerely doing all the tasks, they are happy and looking forward to a good overall score for the group. Once you are part of group/chain the win-ability of the group, unfortunately, lies with the laggards. The dheela dhala participants!

So group scoring is explained in details :

  • dinner by 8 pm: if all 7 days: score: 7/7

If 5 days: score: 5/7

  • do not eat bakery products: if you did not eat for all 7 days: score: 7/7.if one day by mistake you had biscuit: 6/7

3) drink 3 litres: if you have done it for 4 days: score 4/7

4)no sugar: all 7 days: score 7/7, if 5 days you had sugar( even by mistake ): score 2/7( Only 2 days without sugar.

5)no packaged food: 5 days commitment was followed: 5/7

6)eat 3 fruits every day: if you had 3 fruits for 3 days and 2 fruits for 4 days: score: 3/7 ( yes it’s good that you at least had 2 fruits for 4 days which will give you good health but cannot help you to score well and make your group the winner of the week )

7 ) Bit different when it comes to scoring: health work out for at least 5 days: score: if 5 or more days: your score: 7/7

If 4 days: your score: one minus from 7: score 6/7

If 3 days: your score: two minuses from 7: score 5/7

If 2 days or less than 2 days: you get zero: 0/7

Final scoring: add all numerators…Divided by 49…So your individual score will max look: 49/49 or 36/49 or any combination…The group score will be a new summation of group members

Group chat ( as it is: verbatim )

Solid Losers:

Sheila: Hope all r on track! As we r approaching the weekend..I’m sure u guys r gearing up /enthusiastic abt giving yr scores.

I shall also be adding interesting recipes/tips which will be easy to do

Shreyas: Are madam starting mai hi Khane ki bat.Madam vajan ghatana hai

Sheila: Bilkul…Lekin healthy way main!

Deepa K ‘s Dabbang Losers :

21/09/2017, 19:23 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Hi ALL.😀

This is Deepa k.

This group has been created for the weight loss program only.


I take this opportunity to welkm each one of you to my team.


M sure you ALL have already started working towards the weekly challenge.👍🏼👏🏼


End of 12 weeks, m certain you all will b champion losers!

21/09/2017, 19:23 – +91 99304 89298: Thank you

21/09/2017, 19:24 – Naresh Chhabra: Thanks Deepa 👍

21/09/2017, 19:24 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: This is the winning team...

21/09/2017, 19:35 – Sanjay Raut BNP: That’s should be the spirit…👍🏼

Some members come up with innovative suggestions: a kind of safeguard against cheating by some group to remain winner without actually working for it

09:47 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: Great going Deepa…👍👌

22/09/2017, 09:48 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: One suggestion as a thumb rule which the 4 team leaders may decide and implement upon…

22/09/2017, 09:48 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Keep going guys ……

22/09/2017, 09:49 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: In case any person for 4 weeks give self-scores of 40 and above but at end of 1 month the weight on the official scale does not show any reduction, then a penalty of 10 points per week for that Group…

22/09/2017, 09:52 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: the score is based on week ….. Just for group motivation

22/09/2017, 09:52 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Noo any penalty


Some guys want to double check on credentials of the leaders!

“ Are we in safe hands???” “Are the leaders kind of consultant/s who advise but do not have own success story to back them ?”


8:09 PM – +91 81699 65292: Thank you Sheila ji

9/21/17, 9:25 PM – BNP Sheila Harani: That’s grt..Keep the good work going

9/21/17, 9:30 PM – BNP Sheila Harani added +91 97688 86141

9/22/17, 8:06 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: Can we pl cut out the ‘ji’..Why add more weight to the name.. 😄

9/22/17, 8:09 AM – BNP Meeta Meher: 😀👍

9/22/17, 8:09 AM – BNP Jagdish Nadar: 😀😀

9/22/17, 8:10 AM – +91 81699 65292: 👍🏻 don’t worry …. to not add weight, I have kept it separate & not added to your name …😁😁

9/22/17, 8:16 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: 👍🏻

9/22/17, 8:48 AM – +91 98339 99791: Hi Sheila.

We heard that you were successful to lose your weight in past. We would like to know how you did it. Can you share your personal experience? 😊

9/22/17, 9:02 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: Mine has been a slow n gradual weight loss…

9/22/17, 9:02 AM – +91 98210 08332: Hi Sheila

9/22/17, 9:02 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: Hi eureka

9/22/17, 9:04 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: I’ve been doing gym for a yr along with running..Quit gym now and since past 2 months iv been consulting a dietician

9/22/17, 9:16 AM – +91 98339 99791: Sheila apne kitne months me kitna kg loose kiya?

9/22/17, 9:17 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: 14.7kgs from March 2016 till date ..

9/22/17, 9:17 AM – +91 98339 99791: Great👏👏👏

9/22/17, 9:26 AM – +91 81699 65292: 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

9/22/17, 9:29 AM – BNP Jagdish Nadar: Very Good ma’am, today I am confident that even I can lose 14 kgs from 84 to 70 kg.

9/22/17, 9:30 AM – BNP Jagdish Nadar: Sheila ma’am you are my Guru.🙏🏻

9/22/17, 9:39 AM – +91 80973 75528: 👍👌

9/22/17, 9:40 AM – BNP Sheila Harani: We all can achieve our desired weight by being consistent in our efforts …In just keep the faith!


When someone has health issue :

3:07 PM – +91 99207 39491: Hi Sheila…to update u I have not followed this week as down with the fever

9/22/17, 3:10 PM – BNP Sheila Harani: Noted seemah…Pl hydrate you well..Have plenty of fruits for a speedy recovery so that u r on track with others from Sunday😄

9/22/17, 3:47 PM – +91 99207 39491: Hopefully👍

At the end of week 1

The winner: Deepa M’s Dhamaal Losers.






One thought on “Week 1 :Chapter 4 :Weight Loss :The real story of 3 months of weight loss project:”BNPGR’s weight loss challenge”

  1. Unforgettable journey we together travelled last year, everyone was keen to loose some and some people were so passionate mad lost and achieved the desire weight and moving towards the idle weight.
    When see the mirror. I thank BNPGR weight loss program.


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