Week 2 : Chapter 5 :Weight Loss:The real story of 3 months of BNPGR’s weight loss project


IMG-20180107-WA0336BNPGR’s weight loss project: Week 2: Chapter 5

PHOTOS Courtesy : BNPGR friends , Pexels.com

Self-commitments: week 2 ( 24th September to 30th September 2017)

Deepa K posts the second week challenges well in time. We have tried to work our internal discussions in time bound manner.IMG_20171222_102521

Meeta is always first to remind everyone to discuss and freeze the next week challenges. Usually, she starts with a gentle reminder on Monday and by Wednesday her alarm bells start ringing. Friday is the day when we must post the next week’s tasks. This really helps members to plan the tasks for next week. At times they have to buy some ingredients which may not be available


Her post:” Weight Loss challenges: Gearing up for the next week.

Let’s get ready for the next week’s challenges.”

  1. I will do core exercise at least 3 times this week. Example: Pikes, crunch, plank etc. If you do 3 times, you will get 7 points for this task. So better get going.
    two women planking at the seashore
    Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

Minimum time duration: 15 minutes. Ideally, you should club this with your normal work our routine. For example 45 minutes walk +15 minutes core exercises

How to score: if u do it minimum 3 times within this week: 7/7

If u do it 2 times in this week: 2 minus: score: 5/7

If only once: minus 4: score: 3/7

If only once: minus 6: score 1/7

If u don’t do it: here there will be negative marking: you give yourself the score of -2 (minus 2: deduct 2 from the total score )

  1. I will have a bowl of salad (any combination: any quantity: u decide how much to eat ) once a day. ( Lunch or Dinner)
    close up of salad in plate
    Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Scoring: simple straight method: all days: 7/7

  1. I will not have any food which has MAIDA in it, like biscuits etc.

(Again all bakery products, white bread, Nan kind of Indian bread)

Scoring: straight method )

  1. I will have one Vitamin C enriched fruit every day. Like, Orange, Sweat Lemon etc

    sliced of citrus lemons
    Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

(This week you have been asked to eat one Vitamin enriched fruit. You may also eat 2 or 3 fruits daily. Good for your health, but for scoring just consider daily one Vitamin C fruit.

Scoring: straight method )

  1. I will have 4, overnight water soaked Almond (Badam) every morning.

(Peel them, don’t peel them: up to you and google guru…Eating water soaked badam is the task. May eat more, but the task is four days. Scoring: straight method.

almond nut organic unshelled
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
  1. I will use the stairs for the next 7 days.

Daily 10 floors (don’t bother about height difference or number of steps per floor ) stairs: up or down

Example: if you are staying on the 2nd floor: if you use stairs 5 times a day: 5 to go up and 5 to come down: good enough. Or u can club this with the morning walk. Come back to your society: find 5 floors stairs: go up and come down: u can do more but for scoring: 10 stairs daily: straight method scoring.

abstract antique architectural design architecture
Photo by Cosmin Paduraru on Pexels.com
  1. I will have 200 ml warm water, with 1/4th teaspoon cinnamon powder early morning. (in case no exact measurements tools or apparatus, don’t worry use your judgement !)

Scoring: straight method.


This is posted on Friday, 22nd September. Soon by Sunday, the winner of the first week was announced.

The whole programme is happening in real time. There is an interesting discussion in Deepa K’s Dabbang group.

“ How and why a particular team wins?? “

25/09/2017, 11:16 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Hi Deepa can you give us feedback on how the winner group scored better? Is it because of no score of few people or is it because of the low score…

You can guide the group on how to lead the chart by correcting the weak areas

25/09/2017, 12:52 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Hey, they are very lively and enthusiastic. They connect and motivate each other on the group. Even share their tips, what worked for them, also ask queries, discuss problems and overall it helps the whole group.

They are the winner, purely because they have maximum participation from the members.

25/09/2017, 12:52 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: So guys, please don’t hesitate to ask questions, discuss your problems. Think that someone else must have had the same problem, so he/she can guide you. This will help the whole group and we will get maximum points. And language should not be a problem. If you are comfortable in Hindi, please use that. Also, we have voice msg in WhatsApp. You can use that.

25/09/2017, 12:54 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Superb… Come in friends let’s enjoy the journey of loosing without aiming to win.. we will lose for sure.. let’s help each other and score high this week

25/09/2017, 12:55 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Also if you have observed this week tasks are super easy to score… For example, 3 days of core gives u 7.. just having a bit c fruit and 4 almonds give u 14.. all these is not difficult as we love eating anyway

25/09/2017, 12:56 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: Great going guys… Let’s bridge the lead by the other group by not only focusing on weekly tasks to score maximum but also see that u feel good👍👌

Week after week without feeling weak but losing weight😆😊

Truly… This week each one can target min 40 points.

There are discussions on various tasks.:

Task no 7:

Vikram: How cinnamon powder works for the system?

( before Deepa K or any of the 4 leaders react)

Seema A: Said to be good for weight loss and reduction in cholesterol..and aids in increasing metabolism

With the nice disclaimer: google for more info

Task 5: Soaked almond

This leads to the discussions on “Why ? “ to reasons for soaking

Some light-hearted discussions in verbatim :

– BNP Shiela Harani: Hi…I’m sure all of u started your day ..With warm. water n soaked almonds…Any funny encounters while taking the stairs?

9/25/17, 10:11 AM – BNP Shiela Harani: Once when I too started taking stairs as my workout routine some people asked me whether I lost something on the way up or down😝🙄

9/25/17, 11:35 AM – Rajesh Jain: My dog lucky is enjoying he climbs one floor then comes down looking for me where am I…

9/25/17, 11:37 AM – BNP Shiela Harani: That’s good take more floors to make it a hide n seek game😝😝

Rajesh Jain: वज़न घटाना है तो खाने के

अलावा धोखे भी खाए,

भूख प्यास कम लगेगी और वज़न भी जल्दी घटेगा।।

26/09/2017, 11:00 – ‪+91 91679 47391: Can garba compensate for core exercises?

26/09/2017, 11:01 – Sanjay Raut BNP: How Garba can compensate .. ??

Recipes are shared :

9/25/17, 1:17 PM – ‪+91 98339 99791: Sheila please give us tasty and healthy recipes for breakfast and for the main meal, which we can easily do.

9/25/17, 1:29 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Yes…For breakfast, I would suggest moong daal cheelas.

For that soaked split moong dal for 2/3 hrs early morning ..Grind with ginger n green chilli’s n salt..N make like dosa.

Just a gentle reminder to all. Keep green chutney always in stock…U can have with khakhras, bhel., Boiled rajma /chhole salad

I would suggest keeping boiled rajma/chhole for salad

9/25/17, 1:41 PM – ‪+91 98679 05579: Thanks, Sheila.

One can also try the cheelas with whole moong ( paserettu- a traditional dish from Andhra)

9/25/17, 1:45 PM – ‪+91 98339 99791: Recipe please..😀

9/25/17, 2:15 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: boil either chole/rajma…U can put finely chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, pomegranate, onion, green chutney green coriander leaves, salt, lemon n chaat masala

Same recipe for sprout moong

9/25/17, 2:17 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Yes. In fact, we have such a diversified culture that we can have very interesting breakfast options

9/25/17, 2:19 PM – Rajesh Jain: With moong after boiling I use the water as soup after putting a little bit of black salt and black pepper

9/25/17, 2:19 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: For the working lot ..If we r able to keep boiled rajma, chola , khKhras handy things become easy

9/25/17, 2:22 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Makhana -lotus seeds roast with some basic spices.Is great as in between snack

9/25/17, 2:22 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Indeed definitely tastier n light on the stomach

9/25/17, 2:23 PM – Rajesh Jain: Makhana I will try…

9/25/17, 2:23 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: I do hope others will try out …Do post pics.

9/25/17, 2:24 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Yes. Put little ghee, chaat masala, chilli powder, salt, pepper

9/25/17, 2:26 PM – Rajesh Jain: Also as my wife is north Indian she uses sattu(whole chana atta) in various forms…like roti made of sattu .or …use the same as a side dish(she puts chopped onion green chillies masala in sattu)…

9/25/17, 2:27 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Yes…That’s a good breakfast option

9/25/17, 2:27 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Go easy on ghee/, oil though😄

9/25/17, 2:28 PM – Rajesh Jain: Avoid oil and if required then using ghee

9/28/17, 10:18 PM – ‪+91 98690 45085: What do you all eat for dinner? Request you to share, please.

9/28/17, 10:23 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Oats khichdi

9/28/17, 11:32 PM – ‪+91 80973 75528: How to make that

9/29/17, 8:57 AM – BNP Shiela Harani: In hot oil put vagar of little zeera n rai…Then put a green chilli…n other dry spices then add. Vegetables diced finely like capsicum.tomato, carrots etc…Let it cook for few minutes ..Then add oats…Let that cook along with veggies. After which add hot water …Put lid…Keep on sim gas for say 5mins…Its then done..U can have with dahi or just like that

9/29/17, 9:53 AM – ‪+91 80973 75528: Wow…. One more option… Thank u

25/09/2017, 15:25 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: a suggestion. You can literally take a carrot and a couple of other veggies from your fridge, chop them up and steam them to make a tasty salad. All the vegetables should be in a dice same size, so if you ’re using cauliflower or broccoli flowerets, they should be about the same size as the rest of veg then saute all veggies In butter or olive oil and some salt and pepper……

25/09/2017, 15:41 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Enjoy your Boil salad 😋😋

25/09/2017, 15:43 – Geet BNP: 👍🏻

Real time weight loss is shared

24/09/2017, 10:08 am – Revathi Prabhu BNPGR: Wah. Feeling good. Reduced 2kgs in first week followed tips given by our mentors. No oil, no sugar, walking 45 mins. Drinking water 3ltrs. 3 fruits per day. Only not followed dinner before 8pm. Before 9 I did.

24/09/2017, 10:08 am – 16728 98208 91+ : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 kudos 24/09/2017, 10:08 am – Sheela Harani Bnp: Grt 24/09/2017, 10:10 am – 46895 99208 91+ : Superb..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 24/09/2017, 10:13 am – 79917 99303 91+ : Wow superb 👌👏 24/09/2017, 10:14 am – 90956 98335 91+ : 👍 24/09/2017, 10:15 am – 14777 98198 91+ : Super 24/09/2017, 10:26 am – Meeta Meher: 👏👌 24/09/2017, 10:35 am – 20860 93222 91+ : 👌

👍 24/09/2017, 10:44 am – 07025 98204 91+ : Happy to loose 3 kg in first week. Simply followed the rules set by mentors. All the tips are easy to follow. Only rule not followed was dinner time. Dinner 8.30 to 8.45 No suger, no oil No bakery food Daily walk 1hr morning or evening as per convenient 3-4 ltrs of water 2-3 fruits daily

24/09/2017, 10:45 am – RAJESH JAIN BNP: 2 kgs less

24/09/2017, 1:26 pm – Punit BNP: Little surprised to loose 1.5 kg this week. Last Saturday challenge began and I was going to Satara for HM. Generally I have beer post any out station run. Thins time I was very firm about not having it & succeeded. During the week I couldn’t have fruits all the time, neither I drank 3 ltrs of water but was successful in avoiding bakery products , sweets & fried things of which I was fond of like anything. And might be it was the first week of my life where I didn’t have my favourite things.

24/09/2017, 10:45 am – Deepa Katrodia Bnp: Good going everyone 👏👏👏 24/09/2017, 10:45 am – RAJESH JAIN BNP: Total 33 points 24/09/2017, 10:47 am – Sheela Harani Bnp: Indeed a superb performance in week one 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 24/09/2017, 10:49 am – Meeta Meher: Wow … impressive 👍 24/09/2017, 10:55 am – 79917 99303 91+ : 😳😱🙈omg 3kg loose … Excellent👌👍👏 24/09/2017, 11:07 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Excellent👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Keep it up!!!!


The winning team at the end of week 2

Deepa K ‘s Dabbang losers.


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