Week 5 : Chapter 8: Weight loss :The real story of 3 months of BNPGr’s weight loss challenge

Week 5 : Sunday,15th October 2017 to Saturday,  21st October 2017 ( Diwali Week )



Deepa Mahambre BNP:

5 the week : Happy दिवाली :

yellow fireworks illustration
Photo by Suvan Chowdhury on Pexels.com

Have fun  as this is kind of a  liberal week , but please be conscious. If possible please weigh yourself every morning.

7 challenges :

1)   You will have water infused with mint/tulsi in the morning :

clear glass jar and citrus fruits
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

5 days out of 7 days.

Scoring : followed for 5 days : 7/7. Followed for 4 days : 5/7 followed for 3 days : 3/7 .if 3 or less : 0/7

2)   Rejoice :4 cheat days are allowed.!!! ( any four during this diwali week)

During each cheat day  : You  will either have any   one sweet or one farsan/fried item  during the day at any one time of your choice }.You will try your best to have home made sweets/farsan. Outside please prefer dryfruits or dryfruit mithais .

Scoring : If you have followed above : 7/7 . if you could not control yourself and went on the kurkure advertisement style “kya Karen control nahin hota” and indulge more than your commitment : you get 0/7

3)  Drink water 30 minutes before every meal.

clean clear cold drink
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You will not drink water during the meal. Or you can only sip a very little water during the meals ( not more than 100 ml during the meal)

Score : do it for 5 days :you get : 7/7

For 4 days : 5/7

For 3 days : 3/7

Less than 3 : 0/7

    4) Out of 5 work outs( running,walking,cycling,swimming,trekking) of the week add following additional 3 days work out with :20 suryanamaskar

( 2×10: each side is one ,each pair will make it 2) or 2 sets of squats of 20 with lunges of 2 sets ( one set : both the legs ) of 20 .( those who have some physical issues : do core exercises for 20 minutes.)

Scoring :followed for all 3 days :7/7

2days :5/7

1 day :3/7

0 day of suryanasakar/squats  but 5 days work out :0/7

O day of suryanamaskar /squats but 4 days or less than 4 days work out :minus 2

5)   In one meal have thin chhaas with ½ tsp roasted ajwain powder n coriander leaves.( those avoiding milk products can have jaljira )

Scoring : all 7 days : 7/7

If 5 days : 5/5

If 3 days : 3/3

6) Out of 5 work outs( running,walking,cycling,swimming,trekking) of the week you will add following touch : 10 minutes of backward walk for 2 days

Scoring : if you do it for 2 days ( walking backwards) :7/7

If you do it for 1 day ( walking backwards):5/7

Not a single backward walk :0/7

7)You will have home made vegetable soup ( without straining ) for 5 nights along with your meal. In case you are out then have veg clear soup.  Scoring : simple straight line . do all 5 days : 7/7 ….have the soup  4 times :score :5/7…have soup 3 times :score :3/3

Anything less :0/7

Have fun,  have a great sparkling Diwali

Group expansion brings in new enthusiasm and regular streaming  of humour/masti posts:

10/14/17, 10:51 AM – BNP Shiela Harani: Welcome ..Rajesh, chirag, jignesh , pranay , prashant to our grp

10/14/17, 10:52 AM – BNP Shiela Harani: As the name suggests …We really need to be the ‘solid ones’ for  team winning factor

10/14/17, 11:01 AM – BNP Pranay Kale: It reminds me the tv serial biggest loser jitega.😄😄😄😄😄

10/14/17, 11:12 AM – BNP Prashant Patankar: The Statement – your task begins from tomorrow – gives me a huge sigh of relief 😅

10/14/17, 11:12 AM – BNP Prashant Patankar: And reminds DDL dialogue: Ja Simran jee le apni Zindagi 🤓

10/14/17, 11:13 AM – BNP Shiela Harani: Tasks r fun though…Rather I shld hv written fun begins from tomorrow😄

10/14/17, 8:00 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: In our team we have 28 participants

10/15/17, 1:39 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Prashant…Why did u leave main bnpgr weight loss grp?

10/15/17, 1:59 PM – BNP Prashant Patankar: Too much happening there…. quite overwhelming. I remain loyal to this one 😇

10/15/17, 2:27 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: But still common receipes ..Tips r shared there…

10/15/17, 2:35 PM – BNP PULLU: There should be one more contest for WhatsApp posts and reading. All time is spending to read.

10/16/17, 5:23 PM – BNP PULLU: Yesterday Had tulsi pudina water.Mithai nahi khaya😜

Had water before meals.45min suryanamskars with core exercises.Missed chass .Had Soup.

Today Ran 16km,Ran ulta 11min,Had coconut water,Had tulsi pudina water,Drank water before meal (as per daily routine) ,Had Thin zhass with ajwain

10/16/17, 5:25 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Offbeat 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

10/16/17, 5:26 PM – Sonal Mishra Bnp: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

10/16/17, 5:27 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: Good going rajesh!!..

10/16/17, 5:29 PM – BNP PULLU: Halka lag raha hai😂😂

10/16/17, 5:30 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: End of the week…U may be to fly😉😉

10/16/17, 5:32 PM – BNP PULLU: Hum jab commitment karte hai.

To khud ki bhi nahi sunte 🤷🏾‍♂

10/16/17, 5:35 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Sheila pullu bada bolbachan aur hatela hai…o karega pakka…isliye mai use offbeat bolta hu

10/16/17, 5:37 PM – BNP PULLU: Kitna Vishwas hai in shabdome

Thank you🙏🏽

10/20/17, 11:02 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Normaly weight loss wale dinner before 8 karte hai

10/20/17, 11:03 PM – BNP PULLU: Wifi late aaya Khan 8 baje khaya

10/20/17, 11:03 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Good boy 😀(  कभी कभी)

10/20/17, 11:03 PM – BNP PULLU: 🙏🏽

10/20/17, 11:04 PM – BNP PULLU: आपले आशीर्वाद

10/20/17, 11:05 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: ✋ सफल हो जायेगा मित्र तू

10/20/17, 11:06 PM – BNP PULLU: फल खाके स-फल

10/20/17, 11:07 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: 👍🏼😀

10/21/17, 3:26 PM – BNP PULLU: Aisa lag raha hai is group me ek hi competitor hai😜

Mere hi photo dikh rahe hai

10/21/17, 3:27 PM – BNP PULLU: Mujhe bhi koyi motivate karo

The Team Leader is back :

 16/10/2017, 11:49 am – Deepa Katrodia Bnp: Hello Everyone, Firstly, Thank you so for your condolences and being with us in this difficult time. It meant a lot to us. Now, I would like to get involved in our Weight Loss Program, as I want to keep busy. We have already covered 1/3 of the total time, and left with 2 months. I am sure you are more confident to face Diwali season. Don’t let your weight loss momentum down. Let’s be strong and keep on doing what we did till now. Let’s make big improvement this time.

 16/10/2017, 11:51 am – Suvendu BNP: 🙏 16/10/2017,

12:29 pm – 14777 98198 91+ : Strong Girl .Hats off to your spirit. Salute you👍

17/10/2017, 10:30 am – Deepa Katrodia Bnp: Good morning all, Some tips for Diwali season. Whenever you get sweets, take smallest portion for you, and distribute everything with surrounding people. So aap ka calories kam hoga, aur pyaar badhega😉. Also, if you can, try to prepare Sugar-Free sweet s at home. If you are buying, see that you get Sugar-Free sweets. Sugar free khao aur khilao. 

Discussions on various tasks :Water infused with mint/basil

15/10/2017, 9:08 am – 16728 98208 91+ : I wanted to ask this… like how to soak, how long to soak… and when to consume? In the sense instead of warm warm with cinnamon this shd be replaced and consumed first thing in the morning? OR CONSUME through out the day ?

10/14/17, 7:21 PM – ‪+91 98210 08332: Sheila ,how much time we have to soak tulsi mint ,  normal or hot water  , quantity of water to drink

15/10/2017, 9:46 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: If you are having tulsi leaves, then ideally you should boil the tulsi leaves in water n consume it. If you are having mint leaves, then soak the leaves overnight in water and consume it in the morning. Soaking the leaves for 2 hrs also is fine. You can consume this pudina infused water through the day also.

15/10/2017, 9:50 am – 16728 98208 91+ : Ok,and for points sake this through out day sipping is ok… or only morning consumption is counted for points?

 15/10/2017, 9:52 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: For points, only morning consumption is counted😁

Soupy Task

15/10/2017, 11:47 am – Sheela Harani Bnp: When u people make soup for this week ensure that u boil vegetables , blend them n put salt n pepper..Pl do not add any corn-starch /thickening agent…N just a light reminder do not strain the soup..If u r travelling have veg clear soup…Request restaurant guy not to add corn-starch etc…

15/10/2017, 12:49 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Admins,I guess it’s fine to add any boiled Dal to soups right?? Meaning Dal as a base with vegetables not pureed

15/10/2017, 12:51 pm – 99788 99200 91+ : Or bajra flour or jowar flour?

 15/10/2017, 12:52 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: No..Just pure vegetables…Besides as u r not straining vegetables..The soup will be thick

15/10/2017, 12:52 pm – 99788 99200 91+ : Oo..ok

15/10/2017, 12:52 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: Especially if u add dudhi n onions while boiling . Believe me …U will save a lot of time as no straining of vegges


15/10/2017, 2:59 pm – 65292 81699 91+ : In a separate pan, add little butter, sauté finely chopped garlic till brown, add some finely chopped veggies, add little water & boil then add the veggies soup, give it a boil & have it warm with finely chopped coriander/mint & lemon.

. 15/10/2017, 7:24 pm – 45085 98690 91+ : Dudhi+carrots+half beetroot+ tomato+ small onion+ cinnamon+ jeers+ cardamom+ ginger+ garlic cook blend, pepper too was added

16/10/2017, 10:55 am – 89871 98921 91+ : Add spring onion, mushrooms, finely chopped bell peppers for n zucchini to the tadka n saute. Tastes yummy plus you get something to chew, instead of just liquid soup to gulp down 

Backward walking

grayscale photography of five people walking on road
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

10/15/17, 6:27 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: By the wY I too did 10mins backward walk todY..Was a bit worried in the beginning abt banging into someone…Then enjoyed it..I suggest do it inside one of the internal loops as less crowd there..Though there r lots of bushes u could brush through😜

10/15/17, 6:34 PM – ‪+91 98210 08332: Actually I   take 4/5 rounds   near water area where we met for weight loss session

15/10/2017, 08:52 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: I did 1st day workout 15 k running with 10 min backwards Running with Deepa M😊😊

15/10/2017, 09:01 – Ila BNP: Wow good going Suvendu

15/10/2017, 10:05 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: I did 13 km with 10 minutes backward walk

10/16/17, 6:16 PM – ‪+91 98679 05579: Did 10 mts ulta walk tday ( got a chance to see मेरे पीठ पीछे क्या चलता है🙃)

10/16/17, 6:16 PM – BNP Shiela Harani: 😬😬😜😜😜

10/16/17, 7:36 PM – ‪+91 81699 65292: Did “ulta” walk today …..

When I walk …. I feel as if I am embracing life …. moving ahead, New moments, fresh opportunities ,But today …. while doing ulta walk, I felt I am going backwards into past …. life slipping away …. many times I felt like turning & walking straight but my younger son was way too excited to do backward walking, so we set a 5-min timer & started …. it was not easy but slowly we did it. Avoiding animal poops, stepping into “khadda”, & then road sloping down & up, moving vehicles …. we completed 10 mins ☺

10/16/17, 7:37 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: 👌🏼👍🏼😀

10/16/17, 7:43 PM – ‪+91 98679 05579: 👌🏻👌🏻

Weight loss during professional traveling :

16/10/2017, 19:35 – Naresh Chhabra: Left for tour early this morning.  One of my travel accessories. 👇🏼

16/10/2017, 19:35 – Naresh Chhabra: <Media omitted>

16/10/2017, 19:47 – ‪+91 98334 33387: Kya baat hai Nareshji

16/10/2017, 19:51 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: Gr8 determination…. Keep it up 👍👌

16/10/2017, 19:52 – Naresh Chhabra: Aap logon Ko dekh kar hi.  🙏🏻

16/10/2017, 19:52 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: Also dunno forget chaas for lunch n veg clear soup for dinner😜😆

16/10/2017, 19:53 – Naresh Chhabra: Chaaas toh ho gaya.  Ab soup dhoond ta hoon

Sweet- sugar cravings :

17/10/2017, 10:16 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Team! All busy with tasks…Which one has been easy going…?

17/10/2017, 10:44 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: All tasks are easy this week around… Hv taken 1 sweet yesterday.. Abhi 3 baki hai😊….seems slightly difficult

17/10/2017, 10:47 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Haha

20/10/2017, 12:52 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: Mera 3 sweet 2 farsan ho  gaya still i have to go 3 relatives very difficult to adjust now

21/10/2017, 09:18 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: Only N sweets/farsan restrictions.

Baki sab to doable hai Suvendu 👍👍

The results at the end of week 5

22/10/2017, 21:40 – Meeta Meher BNP: Hi all,

This week must have been difficult for a few losers and very difficult for some losers!!

But we are very pleasantly surprised that as a bunch, all you losers have done amazingly well.

We totally appreciate your dedication to this program👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Well, one team of losers have shown more restraint n dedication this week….n the winner of the Diwali dhamaka challenge is….

Deepa M’s Dhamaal losers



…………………………………………………………end of week 5( chapter 8 )





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