Week 4 : Chapter 7: Weight Loss: The real story of 3 months of BNPGr’s weight loss project

IMG-20180107-WA0294Week 4      : 8th October to 14th October 2017

Deepa Katrodia BNP: 4th week :इस सप्ताह के commitments

Hi everyone,

I know you all are eagerly, waiting for the next week’s tasks. We try hard to come up with the interesting tasks, which should be healthy and doable and our diet tasty at the same time.

Its a pretty difficult thing to balance. And here are the tasks for Week No 4

1) you will have at least 3 days with greens, leafy vegetables,(but in cooked or semi final cooked condition) at meal time.

Scoring :3 days or more :7/7

2days :5/7


Not a single day :minus 2

2) No to potato in any form (sirf  alu ke liye lagu hoga ) { sweet potato,arbi etc allowed)

potatoes fun knife fork
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Scoring :simple straight method. All 7 days :7/7

3) Try to have all the meals of any 2 days in the week as uncooked food. You can try raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts etc. 

I know this little difficult, but it will give best result for your weight loss.

This challenge is independent of green /leafy vegetables… (basically 3 days green/leafy vegetables plus 2 days uncooked /kachaa)

Scoring :2 days :7/7

1day :5/7

Zero days :minus 2

4) Out of 5 work outs of the week add 3 days work out with :5 suryanamaskar or 2 sets of squats of 20 with lunges of 2 sets ( one set : both the legs ) of 10 .( those who have some physical issues : do core exercises for 15 minutes.

For these three days,you have to add above exercises with your running/cycling/swimming/trekking : you can add in the beginning,during or in the end.

Scoring :followed for 3 days :7/7

2days :5/7

1 day :3/7

0 day but 5 days work out :0/7

O day but 4 days or less than 4 days work out :minus 2

5) Have nariyal paani/coconut water for 4  days minimum

brown coconut on sand
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

( may be problem with people travelling north india or oversees, they may not get coconut water )

No substitute to naariyal Paani. You may buy packed – branded नारियल Paani in food grade packing and carry with you. In case if you can’t get any of above options you lose points and you must cover this constraint by scoring very high on other  challenges (I hope u all will understand the that ours is a generalised programme and for large groups of team members and can not be custom made)

Scoring :simple :all 7 days :7/7

6) This week out of 5 work outs : include 30 km of running or walking or run- walk. 30Km is total mileage of a week which includes running + walking. It is not necessarily to be done in a single day, but total of 7 days.( No bonus points if you do it in a single run😉)how to make it interesting :walk with your BNP gr  friends /family to sidhhi vinayak /आपकी आस्था वाली पावन जगह… Work out भी हो जाएगा और एक आस्था भरी trip भी हो जायेगी

Scoring :30km (walk or run or walk run within 7 days in any combination) 7/7

20km :5/7

Less than 20 km :zero points

7) To have every morning i) 2 walnuts soaked in water overnight with ii)one anjeer and iii) one date.

Simple scoring, all 7 days:7/7

Please follow your challenges with पूरी लगन से, क्योंकि ये सप्ताह के अंत में आपकी मुलाकात weighing scale से होने वाली है. ( At the end of 4 weeks’ we all are meeting for group weight check up , so please do your task sincerely. )

The Week which shook everyone!

The Deepa K is the group leader. She and Pradeep K ( husband) are in Chennai for Ironman/Half Iron man race: triathlon race.

As the  week starts, we soon get the great news of the successful completion of Iron man race.

07/10/2017, 11:38 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Chalo  next week ke challenges mil hai….. Give your best 👍👍I m going to offline for next 2 days….. Ple report your score and other team members is with you

07/10/2017, 11:38 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: I wish hamari team winner ho🙏🙏

07/10/2017, 11:41 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Amen

08/10/2017, 09:17 – Meeta Meher BNP: Deepa is busy with Triathlon… so team lets give her good feel once she is online again by making all possible efforts to get it to number 1 again

08/10/2017, 11:24 – Sunita Sgrika: Wants to thank all my team members … whatever changes I could bring was just because of  the motivational people like u .😊

08/10/2017, 6:33 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP:a very fitting tribute by team Dabangg to their team leader Deepa Katrodia who completed the triathlon challenge tdy

08/10/2017, 18:41 – Ila BNP: Congratulations Deepa for successfully completing the triathlon 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

08/10/2017, 18:46 – Congratulations Deepa for successfully completing the triathlon 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

08/10/2017, 20:12 – Bimal Agarwal BNP: Congrats 👆triathlons Champs🎗🏆

08/10/2017, 20:12 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: Thank you so much friends

08/10/2017, 20:13 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: And congrats to you all 2nd time winner in challenge….{in reference to week 3 results: team Deepa K Dabang are the winners}

08/10/2017, 20:17 – Deepa Katrodia BNP: I think ab  tuo hat trick Banta hai 👍👍👍

The tragedy :

Misri no more!

10/10/2017, 7:15 am – Sanjay Raut BNP: Friends….. one sad news….  Deepa & Pradip Katrodia ‘s daughter Mishri passed away last night.  Funeral will be at around 9.30 a.m. Add.B-102 Ganapati Apartments, Babhai naka, L T Road,  Borivali West

{On 9th night Pradeep and Deepa came back from Chennai with the completion medals of triathlon. Ironically ,Misri their daughter was waiting for them for the last time. That night they lost their only child-daughter.

With this most tragic happening the most inspiring group leader Deepa K left the BNPGR’s weight loss project in the times of grief.

But as the project was ’on” with so many members working together in real time , project continued and Deepa M took over Deepa K’s group ( with the active support of Meeta )}

The week and various discussions:

Coconut puran/ problem all the way from Australia:

07/10/2017, 12:03 pm – 99788 99200 91+ : Can we use powdred coconut water sachets which we get in the market ?Add water and have it

07/10/2017, 12:15 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: U dont get coconut water there Neha?

07/10/2017, 12:22 pm – 27445 99301 91+ : ( from Australia)We do get pakaged one …the natural ones( looks to be..avl at very rare restaurant) aren’t as gud as the ones avl in India. Also, I don’t prefer the imported ones and stick to in season and this place cultivation as long as I can

07/10/2017, 12:23 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Ok


The protein  Story

07/10/2017, 12:27 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Admins, rest all is fine but we are working out 5 days in a week, how can you supplement protein if cooking is not allowed on 2 days. It’s not a good idea.  .pl reconsider. a normal person needs 0.8 to 1 GM of protein per kg body weight in a day.this requirement goes up with people who are doing workouts. ..only milk may not be sufficient.   Unless you know some other form of protein that can be taken uncooked. Even protein shakes give about 20 gms not more

 07/10/2017, 12:29 pm – 27445 99301 91+ : Sprouts…can be taken raw and good source of protein

 07/10/2017, 12:36 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : How much moong or math can one have raw?? Quantity is also considered

 07/10/2017, 2:10 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: I agree that protein is very important from exercise/ workout point of view. But only 2 days of less protein is not going to cause you serious harm. There are so many runners who fast during navratri n still do their workouts with only fruits n milk…that too for 9 days. Here ,we r asking for only 2 days…wherin you can have sprouts with each meal. Moreover, if u really feel the necessity, u can have a protein supplement.

Some Interesting recipes are posted

Recipe 1

7/10/2017, 2:50 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Try these…u will like it!😀 

Make a dip at home. Take some hung curd, blend it with some salt, pepper, lemon juice and mint. Have it with cucumber, carrots etc…jst awesome. 

Recipe 2

Another one… Blend a tomato with salt, pepper and a pod of garlic(optional). Add this to shredded cabbage…add a little lime if reqd.  Sprinkle some peanut powder.  A yummy salad is ready…it’s easy n very very filling.

Recipe 3

09/10/2017, 9:35 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Ok…here are a few suggestions to take you through the “only raw food days” 

Keep sprouted moong, add some onions, tomatoes to it. Add your green chutney, salt pepper n lime. Have a bowl of it…quite filling. 

Soak 3 spoons moong daal for atleast 3 hrs..the small yellow version…to that add lots of chopped cucumber, green chillies, coriander leaves, some grated coconut, salt and lemon juice. 

Grate carrots, add a few onion slices, add some peanut power, pepper, salt and lime.

Recipe 4

Take some hung curd. To that add chilli flakes, one spoon tomato puree, oregano, salt, pepper. Add loads of lettuce, finely shredded cabbage, tomatoes, onions and all the varieties of bell pepper.

Recipe 5

For a snack( small portion) Take tender coconut ( the little thick Malai aftr drinking the coconut water) add a little tomato puree, salt, pepper n lemon. Alternatively, u can jst have a little tender coconut.

 Recipe 6

Take some hung curd. Blend it along with lots of tender cabbage, salt pepper n lime. You can even add coriander n mint leaves to it. 

Don’t have fruits n raw vegs at the same tym…space it out. Have fruits in between…or a variety of fruits at one meal.

Help yourself to a glass of milk, chaas and green tea in between.

Most importantly ,do it with a positive, good frame of mind….helps a lot!😁😁 

Enjoy every experience. This will not kill you!!!!😜

Recipe 7

09/10/2017, 11:28 am – Sheela Harani Bnp: For raita…One suggestion …Finely grind pudina , dhaniya , a small green chilli , zeera with a Mortar n pestel{okhla}…Put in dahi with salt , chaat masala…Its a refreshing raita

12/10/2017, 4:28 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: Lots of colourful vegges! Makes me eat it right away😋

 12/10/2017, 4:31 pm – 65292 81699 91+ : 👌🏻👌🏻 recipe pls 12/10/2017, 4:31 pm – 27445 99301 91+ : Yeah Sheila….when u know you are the  cook & maid pre / post work wash utensils and do safai n all  and still maintain healthy diet…aise quick xperiment helps. 12/10/2017, 4:32 pm – 65292 81699 91+ : Most welcome …. will make one more plate specially for you captain ….😀

Recipe 8

12/10/2017, 4:34 pm – 27445 99301 91+ : Chickpeas flour(Sattu), add veggies( I just added spinac, brocolli, onion..u may add more), salt , mirchi powder, Dhaniya powder and make it like uttampam. 12/10/2017, 4:35 pm – 27445 99301 91+ : A bit of curd and water

Recipe 9

14/10/2017, 9:04 am – 27445 99301 91+ : This  has some rocket leaves, baby spinach, few other salad leaves..added olives, avocado, lemon, seasoned with chilli flakes, salt, oregano.

14/10/2017, 9:06 am – 27445 99301 91+ : Would strongly recommend to stick to local easily available stuff. I get these easily here and cost effective..for me getting few indian leafy vegetable is a challenge n few expensive as well.

Some interesting discussions on project weightloss:

11/10/2017, 8:30 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Challange is getting difficult as I have started making Diwali faral Meaning I have to see and smell every thing but not eat

11/10/2017, 8:31 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: 😝🏻

11/10/2017, 8:44 pm – 16728 98208 91+ : Forget about diwali faral… for me day to day food cooked for rest of the family members like aloo paratha, pasta, sabudana thalipeeth…. and what not… its a challenge that I can’t eat…but necessarily have to cook….😶 11/10/2017, 8:45 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Men are better off ,I guess

11/10/2017, 8:48 pm – 16728 98208 91+ : On the 2nd thought… men don’t know cooking then they can’t do the diet independently… they have to depend on wife for their cooking that’s flipside 😃 11/10/2017, 8:52 pm – 84697 98336 91+ : Similar things happen at office canteens, many food you like that’s available, colleagues Tiffins couple of weeks back we use to share, now just avoid. 11/10/2017, 9:16 pm – Suvendu BNP: Ask me.. today was my raw veg and fruit day and during lunch time was passing by MM mithai wala shop in Malad West, while I had not had my lunch… 🏻🏻

11/10/2017, 9:16 pm – Suvendu BNP: Men also face challenge 11/10/2017, 9:22 pm – 30556 93200 91+ : Sirji,  you face challenges in conducive environment.  I travel Tuesday to Friday,  every week professionally.  Throw in Eight meals with clients.  😜

11/10/2017, 9:38 pm – 22202 99200 91+ : It’s a daunting ask. Even some clients may feel offended 😜☺

11/10/2017, 9:40 pm – 22202 99200 91+ : For me to stay away from potatoes for last 4 days is the unimaginable and happened b’coz of this challenge only…. Let’s hope how it pans out😊 11/10/2017, 9:42 pm – 30556 93200 91+ : Hat’s off 🎩🎩 11/10/2017, 9:47 pm – Suvendu BNP: I used to can understand your pain 12/10/2017, 2:09 pm –

👌👌 12/10/2017, 4:54 pm – 22202 99200 91+ : Shailesh bro… Aapko ye sab ki kya jaroorat hai… You r already fit n hit😜😊 12/10/2017, 5:36 pm – Shailesh BNP: क्या करें भाई, bnpgr मे weight loss की हवा क्या चली है, जजसे देखो लगा पड़ा है, कोई 10-15 kg घटाना चाहता है, तो कोई 300 लमलीग्राम… जो super fit है, जजनको थोड़ा वज़न िढाना चादहए, वे भी ढूंढ ढूंढ कर कहीं न कहीं से वज़न और कम करना चाहते है… ऐसे माहोल में हम ककस खते की मूली है… चलो कोलशश कर के देखते है, कुछ ghat गया तो परैों के knees शुक्रगुज़ार रहेंगे और रतनगं की मस्ती जज़न्दगी में थोड़ी लंिी चलेगी 12/10/2017, Sonal BNP: 😃👌🏻 12/10/2017, 10:57 pm – 66284 98200 91+ : 😂👌🏻

13/10/2017, 11:45 am – 16728 98208 91+ : Rates for this Diwali festival season:  Laddu: Rs.400/kg  Jalebi : Rs.600/kg  Kaju Barfi : Rs.800/kg  Chocolate : Rs.1000/kg  Weight Loss : Rs.10,000/kg

11/10/2017, 6:12 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: A slight twist😜 

This festival season:  Laddu: Rs.400/kg  Jalebi : Rs.600/kg  Kaju Barfi : Rs. 800/kg  Chocolate : Rs.1000/kg 

BNPGR Weight Loss : *priceless*😁😁


At the end of 1st month

11/10/2017, 10:38 am – Sanjay Raut BNP: *Hi Everyone,* It has been 1 month since the commencement of the weight loss program. Its so good to see everyone dedicatedly following the tasks and instructions.  Now its time to observe the results. So lets meet on *Saturday 14 October 2017 at zero point between 6:15 am to 7:15 am*

*A few things to be followed strictly:* 

1) Please be on time and get your weight chk on our scale. In case you miss it…we will not accept the weight by your scale.

2) Please follow your early morning routine and do not consume too much water/ hydration, in case you are planning a long run on Saturday. Get your weight chkd and then have the reqd hydration.


3) Please do not come to chk weight post run/ exercise. Sweaty clothes will tip the scales…n certainly not in your favour😬

4) Even if you have not been following the tasks, do come for this monthly progress…it will help us help you. 

5) Good luck!👍🏻

*PS :- We will stop at 7:15 am strictly*

Important Development

{ at the end of 4 weeks , we at bheja fry team had major review discussion. Some of us felt to expand the programme to include new members. Many of the fence-sitters and sceptics could see the sincere efforts of 4 divas and the enthusiasm generated by their dedications. More and more now wanted to join. How do we accommodate few of them , when 4 weeks are already gone?. After good deliberation we concluded : “Let’s have one more entry for 8 week weight loss challenge group. Their assessment will be different from 12 weeks group. They can join existing groups and follow the new tasks, 5 th week onwards. They will be given first 4 weeks tasks voluntarily and they are free to select one or two or few along with other mandatory 7 tasks. More and more involvement will benefit many.” Meeta as usual adroitly distributed the new entrants once we took their weight/height/BMI along with 12 week group. Post this initiative the group strength crossed 90 .

Poem by Deepa M

14/10/2017, 11:13 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Dedicated to all the LOSERS.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 

My alarm rings….”task, task…”⏰

Aaj kya karna hai, think fast fast,

 Score sheet pe Kitna hai tick,✅✅

Team keliye, improve Karna hai quick. 

Samosa looked at me n winked.,” Kha le…kha le”😋

I stared right back and said, ” rehne de”,✋🏻

 Now my friends are cucumber, carrots n tomatoes,🍅🏻

Sugar, fried, bakery n you are my foes.😏😖 

Coconut water, water with lemon,🍵 Detox water, water with cinnamon, Spouse and friends pareshaan, 🏻🏻♀🏻🏻♂

Lekin chalta Raha Mera hydration abhiyaan.💧💧

Me too, me too…said green tea,☕

People screamed back, ” don’t come near me!”😣😖 

Running, walking, cycling n swimming,🚴🏻♀🏊🏻♀

 Along with them joined pranayam n stair climbing,

“Cheat, cheat”…voice within me shouts,😜

“NO” say I firmly, filling my plate with sprouts.🏻 

Looking at raw food, my mind goes ‘aah’ & ‘naah’

But end of the day, I proudly exclaim ‘ ahaa’ & ‘hurrah’😁😁😁 

Today, standing on the scale, I smiled and beamed.

 Some fat gone…just as I had dreamed.🏻

This is not just for points and my team, It’s for my well being and self esteem.😎

Double Results

Result 1 : The winning team at the end of week 4

कोन जीता ?????

{Little prelude : During the project the team spirit was very important. Unless each and every member of the team submitted the score in time , the team could not reach on top. Following is  an interesting (one of the many )  story of the  last 11th hour team efforts}

15/10/2017, 13:22 – Sanjay Raut BNP: Suvendu Wht is this. .u r group motivator. .still 3 members have not given their score…

Baki 2 group  100% diya hai…

15/10/2017, 13:32 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: I Have personally msg to pradnya more to give score

15/10/2017, 13:49 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Come in friends.. we have already won this week also.. but we don’t want to win without your scores

15/10/2017, 14:17 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Deepa M, aur kitne bache

15/10/2017, 14:26 – ‪+91 74986 03446: Please add you score to this list:

Sagar Sawant 21/49

Geet mainkar 40/49

Geeta tandon 40/49

Harshil Shah 25/49

Ashlesha 38/49

Vimal Agarwal 39/49

Vaishali 41/49

Vikram 44/49

Ila 32/49

Suvendu 45/49

Ruchi 38/49

Sarjerao T 40/49

Dharmesh  47/49

Shreya Thakkar 31/49

Mahendra Naik 20/49

Sheela Poojari 37/49

Milind Khandkar 39/49

Shilpa Gala 38/49

Snehal Gala 25/49

Jyoti Patolia 39/49

Sunita Sabarwal 21/49

Naresh Chhabra  33/ 49

Gita Rane 31/49

Sangeeta sethi 21/49

Pradnya more 30/49

15/10/2017, 14:33 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: 👍

15/10/2017, 14:37 – Naresh Chhabra: Only Chetan Bhatia  left now, I think.

15/10/2017, 14:38 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: Call him or msg personaly

15/10/2017, 14:41 – Sanjay Raut BNP: He is having fever …104…so don’t call him

15/10/2017, 14:41 – Sanjay Raut BNP: I spoke to a person at his home

15/10/2017, 14:42 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Okay.. that’s all then sir

15/10/2017, 14:42 – Sanjay Raut BNP: He is sleeping after taking medicine

{At 16:37– Deepa’s Dabang losers are declared the winner for the week .}

15/10/2017, 4:37 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Congratulations “Dabangg Gang” 💐💐💐💐

15/10/2017, 4:38 pm – है। र ॉबिनहूड  के यहा हम: 95577 99231 91+ रॉबिनहूड पांडे😎

15/10/2017, 4:40 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Had it been not posted by last 2 of ur group….u would have lost it..Thats why not posting score is detrimental to the team…

15/10/2017, 16:50 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: Congratulations friends and thanks a lot Deepa M for driving all of us .So many scores more than 30 this week.. was difficult to displace us from winner slot…  This win is dedicated to Misri😘😘

15/10/2017, 16:51 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: Thanks Deepa m for motivation

15/10/2017, 17:36 – Deepa Mahambre BNP: Hey guys,

Jst Awesome👍🏼Super Awesome😁😁A hat trick👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Keep up the gud wrk…stay consistent n keep motivating each other.

You all have made Deepa k very proud of her team.👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁😁

15/10/2017, 17:37 – Deepa Mahambre BNP: Chetan Bhatia…please take care.Get well soon.Hoping to see you in action very soon.👍🏼

15/10/2017, 20:44 – ‪+91 98194 12869: Hi I am so sorry I was sleeping with 104 degree fever was not able to reply

15/10/2017, 20:45 – ‪+91 98194 12869: 👍🏻

15/10/2017, 20:56 – Suvendu Prushti BNP: No issues u take care..

15/10/2017, 21:02 – Dharmesh bhai BNP: Take care take proper rest


Grand Results at the end of 4 weeks : The members who actually lost maximum weight


14/10/2017, 12:23 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Top 4 Losers Female( there is a tie for position 3 ) 

  1. Vishakha Indulkar from the group Sheila’s – Solid Losers 3.5
  2. Revathi Prabhu from the group Sheila’s – Solid Losers 3.2kg
  3. Geeta Tondon from the group Deepa K’s -Dabangg Losers 2.6kg
  4. Meenakshi Kale from the group Deepa M’s – Dhamaal Losers 2.6kg

 Sanjay Raut BNP: Top 3 Losers Male   

  1. Shreyas Date from the group Sheila’s – Solid Losers 4.4 kg
  2. Upendra Prabhu from the group Deepa M’s – Dhamaal

Losers 4.2 kg

  1. Jagdish Nadar from the group Sheila’s – Solid Losers 3.7 kg

17/10/2017, 10:36 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP

As per the statistics, our entire group has lost 92.6kg in first month itself (total includes the weight of an absentees those who were out of station).

Dieticians ( non-celebrity endorsed)usually  charge  approximately  Rs 750 to Rs 1500 per kg (for weight loss ) 

So, considering an average Rs. 1000 per kg our entire group has saved @ Rs 92600…Say Rs one lakh… 

Celebrate guys u all have done great job…


………………………………………………………………………end of week 4 and chapter 7

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