Week 8 : Chapter 11 :Weight Loss: Th e real story of 3 months of BNPGR’s weight loss challenge


PHOTOS courtesy : BNPGR friends and pexel

Week 8: Sunday, 5th November to Saturday,11th November 2017

Deepa Katrodia BNP: 8th week’s weight loss challenges :

Dear Friends,

Many of you are already into सात्विक zone: no refined sugar, no deep-fried items n other processed food.

bake bakery baking candy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

8th week on wards these items now officially become blasphemous to all of you. So no to sugar and fried items till the very end of the programme.

1)Glass of( 1tbs) soaked methi(fenugreek) overnight in water ( 200 ml ): : every morning for  5 days({method :methi seeds, 2 teaspoons, to be soaked overnight. Next day consume water on empty stomach.Seeds can be consumed (optional)}

Scoring: do it for 5 day:  7/7. Do it for 4 days: 5/7

Do it for 3 days: 3/7 :2 or less: 0/7

2) Bowl full of papaya /watermelon: every early morning. (much before breakfast)   for 5 days

papaya fruit
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Scoring: do it for 5 days: 7/7. Do it for 4 days :5/7

Do it for 3 days: 3/7 less: 0/7

3) 6 x 20 seconds:120 seconds: nonstop work out

(high knees+ jump squats+ mountain climbers+ side to side lunges+ normal squats +jumping jacks: each for 20 seconds without any rest between all these six exercises.)

photo of woman wearing pair of black nike running shoes
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

Total: 2 to 5 sets depending on your level. (but you must end your last day with more sets than that of the 1st day )

For 5 days along with your chosen workouts (minimum 45 minutes of walking/running/cycling/swimming/trekking/medium intensity sports etc) When to do? as per your convenience.

Scoring: do it for 5 days: 7/7. Do it for 4 days: 5/7

Do it for 3 days: 3/7:2 or 1: 0/7. Not done even once: minus 2.

4) Sideways walk/strides: 10 minutes(minimum): include 10 minutes strides/sidewalks to your walking/running. This must be done during your chosen work out.

Scoring: do it for 2 days: 7/7. Do it for 1 day: 5/7

Not done even once: minus 2.

5) Late afternoon: Fresh lime water (salted: salt within limit): All seven days

photo of lemon juice on bottle
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Scoring: simple straight-line method: do it for 7 days: 7/7 do it for 2 days: 2/7

6) Evening: 6 pm to 7.00 pm: 1 anjeer (fig) + 2 walnuts (if previously soaked better, otherwise normal  will do ! ) +1 date

walnuts in a bowl
Photo by Mircea Iancu on Pexels.com

All seven days

Scoring: simple straight line method: do it for 7 days: 7/7. do it for 2 days: 2/7

7) Dinner: for 5 days: before 8 pm Brown bread sandwich + salad of your choice. You may do healthy experiments (but no mayonnaise, and cheese kind of stuff) and share the recipes. (for remaining 2 nights: dinner of your choice). Brown bread must be of whole wheat bread, must be of reputed brand like Britannia or equivalent where calories are clearly printed.

slice of loaf bread with dog face
Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com

Scoring: do it for 5 days: 7/7. Do it for 4 days: 5/7

Do it for 3 days: 3/7 : 2 or 1 : 0/7.

Task 7 :All sorrows are less with BREAD !

04/11/2017, 8:36 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : Any recommendations on Brown Bread

. 04/11/2017, 8:37 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Brittania…low on calorie content

women s left and right hand
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

 8:57 pm – 89871 98921 91+ : How many slices of bread /sandwiches allowed?

 04/11/2017, 8:58 pm – 89871 98921 91+ : Also can sandwiches be with chicken/egg filling with coconut based Chutney as spread?

04/11/2017, 9:06 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Only one sandwich.. that is 2 slices of bread

  04/11/2017, 9:07 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Only plain coriander/pudina green chutney allowed….nothing else.

04/11/2017, 10:38 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Can we have option for brown bread for dinner??

I don’t wish to have bakery products for dinner and would  prefer something home made

05/11/2017, 9:44 am – 22202 99200 91+ : Suggestion… U can put vegetables in an atta Frankie in case fine with the divas🏻

05/11/2017, 10:56 am – Deepa Katrodia Bnp: Hey team, 

Regarding task no.7 of this week’s challenge, I  believe a lot of people do not want to consume brown bread. In a way, we are delighted knowing that you have decided to give up completely on bakery products. That’s great! Since many of you want an option for the same, we suggest you can have one multigrain Roti…

person flattening dough with rolling pin
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

without oil/ghee/ butter….along with salads  for dinner. However, we would like to state that consuming whole wheat brown bread like Brittania brown bread would not increase the number of calories. 

I will put one video that will show you how to buy brown bread…. It  really works for your weight loss. Ideally for weight loss,you should change your flour…. Don’t stick to only one kind flour. 

Choice is yours…we are interested in you embracing the tasks and enjoying the process.👍🏻😃

05/11/2017, 5:24 pm – Rajesh Pullarwar BNP: What raw material use in brown bread. 05/11/2017, 5:39 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Ideally brown bread is supposed to use whole wheat …like chapaties.  However if you talk to anyone from baking industry or have made bread yourself,you will realise that it’s  nearly impossible to get soft texture of bread unless you use at least 30% maida….so even I wonder what exactly they use. Besides some preservatives and emulsifiers are also used in breads. You also get multi grain bread,7 must bread etc which claims to use combination of other flours like jowar,nachni etc

05/11/2017, 5:42 pm – Rajesh Pullarwar BNP: Im also finding the answer of my own question on Google. Found many link regarding white / brown bread and our indian Chapati

05/11/2017, 5:43 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : Home made chapati definitely does not have preservatives, emulsifiers etc.. .

05/11/2017, 5:43 pm – Rajesh Pullarwar BNP: Mostly I avoid process food.  So my request is to team leader If I go for chapati instead of Brown bread, Is that okay?

05/11/2017, 5:44 pm – Rajesh Pullarwar BNP: http://food.ndtv.com/fooddrinks/roti-versus-brown-bread-which-one-is-healthier-1684126

 05/11/2017, 5:44 pm – 32184 98204 91+ : They have already said yes

to us 05/11/2017, 5:44 pm – Rajesh Pullarwar BNP: thank you very much  👍🏻our leaders are superb 05/11/2017,

5:48 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : This is the whole point. We understand each other and adapt instead of a tool or app that tells you what to do 05/11/2017, 5:50 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : So now the question is do u eat any sabji with chapatis.

05/11/2017, 5:51 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: If u r ref is to task, we have specified multi grain roti, only one, along with salad…no cooked vegs

05/11/2017, 5:53 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : Gotcha

05/11/2017, 8:31 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : Guys, can the green chutney be preserved for 3 days without refrigeration?

 05/11/2017, 8:31 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: Nope

 05/11/2017, 8:34 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : Now that is an issue 05/11/2017, 8:35 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: For day travel it’s ok…for Overnight refrigeration needed

 05/11/2017, 9:30 pm – 89871 98921 91+ : Ask for pudina Chutney in the hotel..they always HV it handy

Task 3 :The Workouts:

04/11/2017, 5:26 pm – Suvendu BNP: Interesting tasks with challenging workout

05/11/2017, 10:00 am – 22134 99205 91+ : Word of caution – the WO’s are tough. This is the Sequence that worked for me – Jump Squat, Jumping Jacks, Normal Squats, Side Lunges (with holding support), High Knees , mountain climbers. The toughest one in the Jump Squat by 12 you will be gassed out

05/11/2017, 10:00 am – 22134 99205 91+ : I am dead sure, the WO’s are courtesy my friend Deepa K

05/11/2017, 10:34 am – Devendra BNP: I did side walk and 2 min WO 2 sets post run…. But I feel  WOs not to do post run… It shall be pre run… Which will be warm up session too…

05/11/2017, 10:36 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: I did only the side walk tdy..after the run…felt really gud

05/11/2017, 10:37 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: I was interesting to see so many doing sideways walking tdy😜😂

Travel with task 1, 5 & 6: Good habits being cultivated

05/11/2017, 10:05 am – 22134 99205 91+ : Diet packing list on tour – Methi seeds 100 gms, nimbu 4, Walnuts and Figs 4, Dates – 10, Salt , Green Chutney, Khakra – 1 packet. hmm interesting

05/11/2017, 10:05 am – 22134 99205 91+ : Please add anything else 05/11/2017, 10:08 am – Suvendu BNP: Haha.. all the best 05/11/2017, 10:09 am – 22134 99205 91+ : You keep Laughing my frnd Suvendu. I will  have my last laugh to the scales 🏻

 05/11/2017, 10:12 am – Suvendu BNP: I am sure.. the laugh is for the way we all have started thinking…😊

05/11/2017, 10:14 am – 22134 99205 91+ : Yes of course.

05/11/2017, 10:28 am – 84697 98336 91+ : 👍🏻 05/11/2017, 10:30 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Well planned👍🏻

The  Feedback:

9:34 am – Shreyas: This is the beauty of our weight loss programme. instead of telling you eat this and don’t eat this it changes your eating habits.

08/11/2017, 7:11 pm – 16728 98208 91+ : Best thing happened to me so far according to my dear hubby is…. after joining this prog i have given up drinking tea…. which was addiction for over 40 years… he is very happy about me stopping tea…😊

08/11/2017, 7:15 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: That’s really good to know….By the way…Hope u have become a green tea addict😉😉

08/11/2017, 7:18 pm – 16728 98208 91+ : Hehehe… more than that actually…😄

08/11/2017, 7:19 pm – 16728 98208 91+ : Yes… its not addiction… but yes… i do take green tea happily and willingly… unlike someone from our very group… you know who i mean right? Ahem ahem…

 08/11/2017, 7:19 pm – 89298 99304 91+ : 👍🏻 08/11/2017, 7:21 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: 👍🏻 08/11/2017, 7:25 pm – 12369 98331 91+ : Green Tea is good….but there are still Chai Lovers in the Group People 😏

 08/11/2017, 7:27 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Yup..you can continue to love your chai…evn wen its green or black n not sweet😁

 08/11/2017, 7:27 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: 👍🏻👍🏻😁

 08/11/2017, 7:27 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Oh yaa…the green tea terrorist!!!😜🙊

08/11/2017, 7:28 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Ohhh i missed reading tea in ur msg😬

 08/11/2017, 7:29 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: 😂😂😂 08/11/2017, 08/11/2017, 7:37 pm – 01201 98330 91+ : Best thing happened to me during this weight loss campaign is that I have stopped eating junk food like pani puri, wada paav etc while returning home from office….I have developed the habit of keeping some or the other fruit in my bag alongwith dry fruits as evening snacks 😊

 08/11/2017, 7:37 pm – Meeta Meher: 👍 08/11/2017, 7:37 pm – Sonal BNP: 👏🏻👏🏻

08/11/2017, 7:38 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: 👍🏻👏🏻 08/11/2017, 7:41 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Good to know that: 👍

08/11/2017, 10:26 pm – 99788 99200 91+ : The best thing happened to me I would say is i have started having my breakfast before leaving the house in the morning and trying to have lunch on time…

08/11/2017, 10:36 pm – 16728 98208 91+ : Very good! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

09/11/2017, 12:25 am – 86141 97688 91+ : Surprisingly for me I have started drinking tea after 36 years and that too Green tea 🏻 09/11/2017, 8:46 am – 12369 98331 91+ : Good morning people ! Appreciate views and experiences from all my colleagues in the Group.  Just one suggestion, don’t lose out on the fun quotient in the life. It’s ok to sometimes have sweets, some junk or spirits (for those who prefer!). I think the biggest learning/gift I have earned….and will hold on to, is self control ! Today, I am conscious of what I am eating…or cheating and now can manage that well. Hence, enjoy the life !

Thank you Leaders and my BNPGR friends !  

09/11/2017, 9:00 am – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Totally agree….👍🏻 Important to enjoy everything in moderation….no point depriving oneself.  The whole idea shud b conscious of wat to eat n how much to it..

 Question by Sanjay P: If i have been doing all my tasks and still havent lost weight, would that be termed as success or failure ?

Answer by Deepa M: We wud like to believe that there is a direct co relation between tasks n weight loss. If u have been diligent with the tasks, there certainly would b weight loss…no 2 ways abt that, though the amount of weight loss wud b very dependent on wat tasks were accomplished and other lifestyle factors. The fact that one has enrolled for this program means that they are willing to make a conscious effort to improving their diet n lifestyle. So, for me, this itself makes a winner or a success story.  

There is no concept of failure at all…evn if you have changed yourself a wee bit, that’s also success. If you have made a better n improved version of you…that’s success!!!!  

Weight is jst a parameter to guage success in very quantitative terms, not necessarily indicative of what you have gained by doing the tasks.To b succinct…having done the tasks, you are a success👍🏻👍🏻

09/11/2017, 1:47 pm – 12369 98331 91+ : Brilliant….and so true. And very well summarized. Of course, the time for change also varies for individuals. Finally, commit & enjoy the process!!  

When we are working toward a goal, we are essentially saying, “I’m not good enough yet, but I will be when I reach my goal.”  

The problem with this is that we are teaching ourselves to always put happiness and success off until the next milestone is achieved. “Once I reach my goal, then I’ll be happy and successful.  

As Deepa said – committing to this program is already a success. 09/11/2017, 2:16 pm – Suvendu BNP: I also subscribe to this thought.. and we need to enjoy the process than worry for the results…  

I myself are not competing with anyone but myself only.. initially I didn’t have any target in mind then after getting results in the 1st month have set  a target to loose around 10kgs in 12 weeks.. I will be happy even if I loose 7/8 kgs.. as this was not possible even after practising and running full marathon in 2015.

 09/11/2017, 5:02 pm – Shreyas: Well said Suvendu. This is the only competition where you are competing with your self. If we keep this in mind, definitely  we will be successful.

 09/11/2017, 5:56 pm – 89871 98921 91+ : Wow…that’s a very stiff target

09/11/2017, 6:34 pm – Shailesh BNP: Though personally  I am supposed to be in  “ NOT REACTIVE MODE and practise the साक्षी …”.couldn’t control and jumping into ज्ञान ganga

We all want to believe  that we are enjoying the journey but the fact remains we are conditioned hard to achieve results !!  

How often noble thoughts of “ Hey enjoy the small moments…!”  

Or “ Life is something which keeps happening (at every moment) when you are busy making and chasing big plans “   

So it is absolutely normal when question/s comes in our mind “ if I do all the tasks and still do not lose weight ….is it or is it not a failure ???”

  09/11/2017, 7:03 pm – 22134 99205 91+ : Thanks guys for all the great insights.

09/11/2017, 7:47 pm – Deepa Katrodia Bnp: Already very well commented by Deepa M and Suvendu. I know we have our limitations for this plan as we are not professional of weight management. But all you guys have shown wonderful enthusiasm and number of participants are amazing.  For some it may work and for some, you will actually see the results in terms of number of KGs lost. But you can take it as a start point for leading healthy lifestyle. Coming together, making an effort is the main thing. And if we really put our heart into it result will also show. Cheers all!!!

09/11/2017, 8:19 pm – Revathi Prabhu BNPGR: Very well explained by our mentors 09/11/2017, 8:20 pm – Revathi Prabhu BNPGR: 🙏👏


The Weighing Scale Appointment:


07/11/2017, 9:52 am – Deepa Katrodia Bnp:

Hey everyone, How time flies. We are already into the 8th week of the Weight Loss Challange. And this week is special because at the end of this you will be having weight check. Some of you must have already seeing the good result. Some of you might be struggling and some must be having roller coaster ride with weight gaining and coming losing.  When you find yourself not keeping up with the task or it is not showing up on the weight scale, remember all the good things happening because you enrolled and challenged yourself, seeking out of your comfort zone and challenging oneself for healthy lifestyle is the key. Keep up the momentum rolling guys. All the best.


08/11/2017, 7:06 pm – Sheela Harani Bnp: “I keep loosing weight but it keeps finding me”! …This was what we have experienced earlier on before joining bnpgr ‘s weight loss challenge ..But 2 months on and we have been

successful in throwing  excessive  weight out of the gates of bnp….           so come all this  *Saturday**11th Nov* November between  *6.15a.m7.15a.m**

Check your weight on our scale n u will be amazed to see how lighter u feel as more weight will be thrown out of bnp!! 😁..  Share your feedback /experiences in this journey u have began….We promise u the ‘new you’ is here to stay !

10/11/2017, 2:24 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: Yup, tom is Saturday and we have our scheduled *date with weighing scale*….m certain you are eagerly looking forward to it😁😁


Please b ther on time. *We start sharp at 6.15am n wind up at 7.15am*


Through the past 8 weeks, all of you have started viewing food in a different light. You have learnt to avoid some foods, resist a few and evn adapt to a few. Now, we would like to take your *eating experience to another level*. So, we will be having a session wherin you *learn to cherish what nourishes* you. A very interesting session. So, make sure you don’t miss it. It will be done before *7.15*


*Suryanamaskar*, when done the right way, is a great form of exercise. We have already introduced this in our weekly task. Some of you may want to learn the correct technique of doing it. So, we will b having a demo session of the same by our own weight loss team member *Vishaka Indulkar at 6.45am* Those interested in learning n doing it right, pl make sure you are there.


We are constantly trying to give you all new tasks each week; some tasks you like😃, some you dislike😞and some you outright abhor!😖😩 Well, this time *we want to know your choices*. So, we wil be giving you a list of choices for tasks to be scheduled for week 10, and all you have to do is *pick your preferred 6 tasks*. We shall collate it and the most desired tasks will be chosen as the tasks for week 10. You will be givn a form at the time of weight chk tom. Make sure you fill it in and hand it over to us. We are trying to be democratic here!😁😜


So, we have quite a action packed session tom. *Make sure you don’t miss it*.


To reiterate a few things… ⭐Please don’t eat n come for weight chking. ⭐Get your weight chking done before you dash off for your exercise/run. ⭐Save your hydration to aftr the weight chking. ⭐Please participate in the activities and do share your thoughts.


See you all tom..😃😀😄



The Results :Journey at the end of  8 weeks: Happy faces, lighter bodies


1:58 pm – Meeta Meher: Hello , We started the weight loss program in BNPGR to help fellow runners to lose those extra KGs so that it will help them in running, but also have better lifestyle and conscious effort to know what our body needs and what we eat. We tried our best to give you interesting program week by week and you trusted us. And what can be more encouraging than the results you see.  Congratulations !!!!!

12/11/2017, 1:58 pm – Meeta Meher: 



12/11/2017, 2:01 pm – Sanjay Raut BNP: Good thing is every group has one or more winner…

12/11/2017, 2:03 pm – Deepa Mhambre Bnp: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You all have every reason to celebrate….such an achievement!!!!😀😀 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊


The winner team at the end of Week 8:


12/11/2017, 6:07 pm – Meeta Meher: Hi everyone,

What an eventful week it has been. Top loosers , journey towards *Normal BMI* and now the scores of the week.  One team is showing it by example that consistency can do wonders. Already proved their  mettle with hattrick …. No perks for guessing this *Deepa M’s- Dhamaal Losers !!!!* 👏👌 Congratulations team 👏👏and for other 2 teams … just a gentle reminder that you still have *4 weeks* with you … so make most of it .  👍👍

12/11/2017, 6:07 pm – Meeta Meher: IMG-20171112-WA0035

12/11/2017, 6:10 pm – Dharmesh Bnp: Congratulations  Dhamaal losers your team is very strong👍

12/11/2017, 6:41 pm – 84697 98336 91+ : Congratulations Dhamaal losers.. and  Solid losers for runner up.😀 Solid looser are going to be the next week winner👍🏻

12/11/2017, 6:50 pm – 85694 98200 91+ : Congratulation to all losers 😀

12/11/2017, 9:10 pm – 86256 99672 91+ : Congratulations to all Dhamaal losers 👍🏻👍🏻



the end










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