Pot Luck Lunch Party:7th January 2018: The great celebration: Weight Loss: The real story of 3 months of BNPGR’s weight loss challenge










12/29/17, 8:11 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Dear friends. .
Good evening 🙏🏻

Immensely happy to see u on the track..

Now potluck lunch party…our grand finale of ever-ambitious project.

First phase release…👇🏾
Here r the different groups for different food preparations…(other details will be released soon as second phase release)…

Team leaders are mentioned in bold letters.
A leader has to form a separate WA group including me in all the groups. The team leader is responsible for better coordination among team members.

Plz revert if anyone is missing..

Here r the groups….👇🏾

For Borivli west Group A
*1. Bhagyashree m*
2. Aneesha pant
3. Pranay kate
4. saurabh salvi
5. priti shah
6. prashant Patankar
7. sanjay p
8. rajesh jain
9. Jagdish Nadar

Kandivali east Group B
1. Jyoti Patolia
*2.Bimal Agarwal*
3.Ajay Bhandari
5.Ashok Grover
6.Parnita Ghadge
7.Neha Vivian
8.kanika himani
Kandivali east Group C
1.Shailesh harani
2.meenakshi k
3.meena Maheshwari
4.seemah Gupta
5 . ila Grover
6 Nupur L
7 Ajay L
8.Sunita Bagul

Borivali East Group D

1.Mahadev iyear
2.pradhya more
3. paras jatania
4.Rakesh Baldia
5. Revati Suresh
7.subodh rane
8.gita rane

Borivali East Group E
1.Akhilesh raut
3.lalita raut
4. Nancy
5. Nutan Jaiswal
6 . Upendra Prabhu
7 . Revathi p
8. Sarjerao

Borivali East group F
2. Vandita
3.vishwas joshi
4.leena joshi
5 . Mihir
7.sheela k
8.kishore bhat

Borivali group G
1. Dharmesh
2. Nilesh bhai
3. Geeta Tondon
4. Shereyas D
5.geet mainkar
6.sajid patel
7.Hitesh Sagar
8.Roopa Poojari

Borivali and mix group H
1.Seema Raijada
2.Amar karnad
3.Komal Adhikari
4. Shardul A
5. Ketan waghela
6 .Vishakha Indulakar
7. Seema Agrawal
8. Jitesh Agrawal
12/29/17, 10:03 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Jjagdish added.
Nutan shifted to Nancy

Revati Suresh to paras…


12/29/17, 11:02 PM – BNP SANJAY RAUT: Pot luck lunch party details

Format : inspired by master chef Australia
Teams: 8 Teams
Cuisine: only veg (respecting the choice of the judge “our master chef” for the event)

Master chef: Bela Gupta :
Fellow runner, entrepreneur, global corporate traveller, An avid enthusiast, she has done OXFAM 100k multiple times. She is the owner of the restaurant herbivore BELA GUPTA (www.iherbivore.in)

What teams have to do :
Jointly cook 2 items: one major and one minor. Each team will come up with options which will be discussed with and approved by group leaders. This is to avoid repeats and to have an overall interesting mix.

*Cook for how many: Each team will cook for 10 members(8+2)

Criteria for Judging :
1) Choice of Menu (looking at seasonal and local vegetables any cuisine)
2) Taste
3) Play of textures in the meal
4) Plating of the meal
5) Cleanliness & Hygiene
6) Teamwork effort
7) Presentation by the team
8)exotic-dhinchak names for their items
9)interesting /catchy name for their group

What teams have to coordinate :
a) what, where, how to cook as cooking in BNP is prohibited (also not part of our format)
b) eating plates, serving spoons, bowls glasses, paper napkins, table cloth and paraphernalia for 10 members
C) drinking water for 15 members
d) Portable folding stools /tables /chairs if available
e) Garbage bags
f) Own transportation for team and food till meeting place(to and fro)
g) Tickets for individuals and vehicles


1/5/18, 2:21 PM – BNP SHAILESH HARANI: Sunday, 7th January 2018
BNPgr pot luck lunch party

Programme की रूपरेखा
1) Reporting time
11.00 to 11.15 am
2) Venue: football ground in between two right loops (waterworks and mseb : *easy access* :turn right from main road towards electricity transmission company :@150m easy entry
(yes mobile signals are received in this zone) *parking* :will be a minor issue.. After getting down and transporting the stuff, we will have to go for dispersed parking:few on mseb Road, more on water works road(one can enter from that side)
3) The programme starts at :11:30 am
4) Programme flow
a) Welcome note by BNPgr कमिटी :
b) Special Invitees: Shri. Anant Sir (one of the founders of BNPgr and the strength behind all the endurathons) Shri. Nitin Kale (ace runner and photographer who virtually offered second career options to weight loss winners)
c) Words of wisdom: by Anant sir
d) Introducing the chief guest (bela gupta)
e) Talk by chief guest:
f) “The project experience”… Interactive talks with team leaders of weight loss programme .
g) Contest rules once again explained with little detailing.
h) Team presentations, tasting and interactions with team members by Bela ji

i) प्रीति भोज

j) Rapid-fire QA sessions with winners of weight loss challenge
i) Open mic session :1 / 1. 5-minute talk by participants on specific subjects like:
i) Food the best medicine or food the slow poison
ii) Refined sugar and my experience of leaving it
iii) Rediscovering fruits and their magical power
iv) My journey of “I can not leave tea/coffee/habit to I could do it.”
v ) मैं और मेरी पुरानी jeans.
vi) My weight reduction and लोगों का reactions
vii) Funny things after weight reduction
viii) I have learned the trick:how i will bring my weight within target if it ever goes up.

Closing: 2.30 pm


1/7/18, 4:48 PM – BNP Vishwas: You guys are mad. Anybody would have spent time with families on Sunday afternoon. You guys have come out on Sunday afternoon in hot sunny day, spend money and time for what ?. Cook food and serve to people who are mad like you. In cooking, competition has anybody seen and biggest happiness on the faces of contestants is a feeding other contestants and not of winning the prize. Really we are mad and rare species. It’s not that our mad president and chakaram people like Shailesh are at fault but we all members are fault who encourage them to suggest the out of box ideas which we guys make it a reality . Guys let’s not give credit to anyone for being in such a mad group. Collectively we are best and have come together because we want to have fun from humanity and selflessness. In spite there is a big talk on intolerance is going on we are a bunch of people who all are tolerating each other only because we come together only on one point and that’s happiness and good health of others. I don’t think we should thank for being in the group because you, me everyone deserves to be in this group because of each one’s selflessness. But I will still thank every one of you for tolerating my PJs ( which I think they are best and the whole world thins otherwise. Thanks again.
PS. Can I suggest a name to Meeta’s autobiography?
Meeta Meher..ban to….
( sorry again for this ordinary PJ 🙏)
1/7/18, 4:53 PM – BNP Vishwas: Pardon my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Could not control the feelings 🙏🙏🙏





1/8/18, 11:17 AM – BNP SHREYAS: *Cabbage Pancake Recipe*
2 cups finely chopped cabbage
1 small onion finely chopped (optional)
½ cup besan
4 tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander
1 tsp ginger-garlic-green chilli (roughly grinde)
1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp each dhania jeera powder
1 tsp cumin, ½ tsp turmeric powder, Pinch of hing
1+1 tbsp oil, Salt to taste, water
1. Mix cabbage, onion, besan, fresh coriander along with salt in a bowl.
2. Add red chilli powder, dhaniya & jeera powder, ginger garlic pest and 1 tsp oil and mix well.
3. Now add just enough water to get it together. (this should not be like bhajia batter)
4. Heat a non-stick pan and spread 1 tbsp oil in it.
5. Add cumin seeds. In about 30 seconds, you will get the aroma of the cumin seeds. Now add turmeric powder and hing.
6. Spread the cabbage mixture on the pan evenly.
7. Cook covered on a medium flame for 6-8 minutes till the base is slightly brown. At this point, the bhanole will slide in the pan.
8. Now flip it upside down with the help of a plate. Add little oil if required.
9. Again cook covered till the base is crisp.
10. Serve wedges.



1/8/18, 1:11 PM – BNP Nancy: Soak 2 fistfuls of Soyabeans overnight. Pressure cook them 3-4 whistles. Parboil assorted vegetables like Lauki, carrot, beans, ridgw gourd, onion, tomato, peas etc (or pressure cook for 1-2 whistles). Blend both cooked soybean n vegetables in a mixer. Heat little ghee/butter. Saute spring onions (or white onions) saute sliced mushrooms (or finely chopped bell peppers/zucchini etc). Add the blended soup (pass it thru a sieve to remove any skin, seeds etc n to get a smoother soup). Add salt pepper, little line juice. bring to a boil. Serve hot. It’s a complete meal n filling as Soybeans are rich in protein


1/8/18, 1:44 PM – BNP Nancy: Wash quinoa thoroughly until water runs clear. Soak for 5 minutes. Then drain out water. Add 2 cups water to 1 cup quinoa. Add salt, a pinch of Haldi n roasted cumin powder n pressure cook for 3 whistles (just like rice). Don’t overcook it. Parboil vegetables in salted water (zucchini, green, bell peppers, beans, carrots) then refresh them in ice. (To retain their colour) Chop onion, spring onion, cherry tomato, cucumber (without seed), purple cabbage, parsley/basil leaves. In a large bowl, add cooked quinoa, parboiled vegetables, chopped vegetables. Add boiled salted chickpeas, paneer cubes, pomegranate, pista. Mix everything together. For dressing in a bowl take extra virgin olive oil, line juice, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, dried Italian herbs, oregano. Beat it well n drizzle in the salad. Toss to mix well. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds.
1/8/18, 1:44 PM – BNP Nancy: 👆sorry missed iceberg lettuce

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