Week 12: Chapter 15: Weight Loss: The real story of 3 months of BNPGR’s weight loss challenge


Photos courtesy: BNPGR friends and pexels

It was a great success, but even great successes come to a natural end.

Isaac Asimov, Robots and Empire (Robot #4)


Yes, we are down to our last week, 12th week, of tasking!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful time and now have good memories to cherish!!


You all are doing great. No to sugar, deep-fried items, bakery products has made your will power stronger. Continue with this…

  1. Protein shots: Vegetarian: Roasted paneer, roasted nuts

Non-veg: egg whites/roasted chicken

Two times during the day: anytime during  morning 8 to 11 am

Evening 4.00 pm to 6 pm

Quantity : 50 gm /100 gm

For 5 days: Do it for 5 days: 7/7. Do it for 4 days: 5/7. Do it for

3 days: 4/7. Do it for 2 days: 3/7. 1 day then 2/7.


2.Every morning: 2  tulsi leaves in warm water or few drops of tulsi अर्क in warm water. (reference photo is posted)

Excellent to ward off cold n coughs in this season.

For 7 days

Scoring: all 7 days: 7/7. Have it for 6 days: 6/7. For 5 days then 5/7….and so on…

  1. Yoga stretches (please follow the video)

To be done for 3 days.

Scoring: do it for 3 days 7/7. Do it for 2 days then 5/7. Do it for 1 day then 4/7. No marks for no task/s

  1. Having water at regular intervals. Also very important from hydration point for the VVMM runners.

Have 2 glasses water at 8.00am, 11am, 1.00pm,4.00pm and 8.00pm.

This is an addition. Don’t restrict urself to consuming water at only these times. Out of these 5 times, 2 times should be warm water.

Scoring: all 7 days 7/7, 6 days 6/7, 5 days 5/7 and so on…

  1. For 5 days…..Have 2 Rotis, with any greens( palak, methi, shepu, chowli), for lunch along with salad and curd. Non-vegetarians can have chicken in green gravy.

For dinner, daal with brown rice and salads or mixed veg soup (homemade of course😀) with 2 khakras n salad. For non-veg, soup can be chicken-garlic or plain chicken soup.


Scoring: do it for 5 days then 7/7, for 4 days then 6/7, for 3 days then 5/7, for 2 days then 4/7, for a day then 3/7.


  1. Do your regular 45 mins wrkout…running/jogging/cycling/walking/swimming for 4 days

Besides, Each day…any one of the following add- ons.

Lunges 30 or

Squats 30 or

Suryanamaskar 10 or

Backwards walk 5mins or

Sideways walk 5 mins

In 4 days, you have to do only one add -on once

Scoring: do it for 4 days then 7/7, for 3 days then 6/7, for 2 days then 5/7, for 1 day then 4/7, no marks if no task/s

  1. Meditation

for 3 days, do meditation for 20 mins. For 10 mins, do deep breathing exercises, Pranayam, and thereafter meditation for 10 mins.  Those running the VVMM can once do the race visualisation and the others can only meditate or visualise once on how they will continue with this changed lifestyle and take it  forward 😁

‌Scoring: do it for 3 days: 7/7. Do it for 2 days: 5/7. Do it for 1 day: 3/7

No marks for no tasks

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