Week 11: Chapter 14: Weight Loss: The real story of 3 months of BNPGR’s weight loss challenge

Deepa Katrodia BNP: 🎤 Hello here are your next week challenges👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

11th Week’s  weight loss challenge :

You all are looking great, doing great.

love thyself!!!!

No to sugar, deep-fried items, bakery

products have made your own will power stronger.

Please try to add No oil, ghee or butter to above  tasks list for this

week: for 2 days: switch to roasted food or steamed food.

Challenges :

1)      Cinnamon with Warm water (200ml) – First thing in the morning.

Every day: all seven days.

Scoring: simple straight-line method. Do it for 7 days: 7/7. Do it for 3 days: 3/7


2)      5 or 10 km ( depends on your level and time available ) walk, run

,walk -run with anyone work out  for 30 seconds (minimum) at the end of

every km ( five workouts or 10 workouts ) workouts : high

knees/butt kicks/Russian dance running drill/mountain climbers/ostrich dance running drill /deep squats /sideway walk-run/lunges

For 4 days. This boot camp kind of work out  is also  aimed to add km

as you will be doing 20 km to 40 km ( based on your own level )

Scoring: Do it for the 4 days: 7/7. Do it for 3 days: 5/7. Do it for 2 days: 3/7

. One or less: 0/7


3)Breakfast:- Veg:- Mongdal Chila + Palak Smoothie / Orange Juice

Non- Veg :- 2 egg white (scrambled / Omelette / Boiled) + + Palak Smoothie / Orange Juice

Scoring: do it for 5 days:: 7/7. Do it for 4 days: 5/7

Do it for 3 days: 3/7 …..2 or less: 0/7

(recipe: link for the same is given below. Use the first recipe/or combination of spinach, banana, cucumber, green apple, lemon, green kiwi or appropriate seasonal fruit)

4 ) Dance workout: any 1 day: any time suitable to you :

duration 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Dance on your favourite

song/music. (Zumba, salsa, Bollywood or even garba ) It can be a

solo activity with your own desired privacy, but if you can do it with

your spouse, children, young cousins and even BNP friends nothing like


Scoring: do it: 7/7.  Couldn’t  do it: 0/7


5) Lunch:-

Veg:- Roti (2), veggies, Salad, Chaas

Non Veg:- same as above with fish or chicken or egg with very little gravy (small bowl)

Dinner:- by 8 pm

Brown rice khichadi with Salad OR one Stuffed paratha (make use of seasonal veggies) with small bowl curd (low fat) OR Chicken Franky. For 5 days.

Scoring: do it for 5 days: 7/7.do it for 4 days: 5/7.do it for 3 days: 3/7 do it for 2 days:1/7 otherwise zero points.


6) ¼ Glass of warm water with a pinch of turmeric, 30 mins before going to bed. Every day for 7 days.

Scoring: simple straight-line method. Do it daily and give yourself one point. Do it for 7 days: 7/7


7)      calories balance: dear losers After the end of 10th week, we are trying to add little mathematics to our daily life so as to see food-calories – weight loss within a single matrix. (yep none of the 4 is qualified dieticians but from a better awareness point of view we feel this is now important) …..Count your calories as you eat”..: all seven days

. For this week you will have to note daily calories intake…

Based on your lifestyle and activity zone. you will try to reach calorie balance.


Calories consumed= calories burned

Scoring: Simple straight-line method. Do it for 7 days: 7/7 do it for 2 days: 2/7 We are attaching some ready reference tables for you. Please find your lifestyle, your day. If typical 9 to 5 routine without workouts of any kind, you may place yourself in a sedentary zone. With some workouts you may be in a moderately active zone. With good running and workouts, you may be an inactive zone. Your zone can change daily based on your day. See the calories required by your body. Write /note down the calories consumed as you eat. Refer charts. Be conscious of what you are eating. At the end of the day, tally calories consumed vis a vis calorie required. If you master it,  call yourself a बोधिसत्व  (Bodhisattva) of calories weight loss matrix




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