Series 1/5 ( 10 in each )

Interesting,witty quotations from the world of running, fitness,health and nutrition

This new series is based on material which is purely taken from internet. I have used photographs and quotes of famous personalities from various fields.

The copyrights and ownership of photographs are solely with the original creators , and I have used them with the sole purpose to inspire, entertain the reader in general. Yes many photographs have inspired me and I have gazed at them many times, admiring the obvious meaning and other conclusions I may have drawn. At few places I have paid my tribute to the creators of the photographs.

The quotes are taken from interviews/various websites which are in public domain. Special thanks to Rajesh Iyer who inspired me to come up with this series and Tvisha H who has worked on each visual post.

  1. By Eliud Kipchoge : Once you read/see his interviews : You may come up with a phrase : The Monk who ran -spoke – ruled the marathon world.There are quite a few photographs from this famous run but this one in telephoto mesmerises you. The center of the gravity of running world , the expression on his face, the whole running posture-gesture.The king has arrived. When you juxtapose his own words on this kind of photograph you have a deadly combination. Salute !

2. By Paula Radcliffe

Very inspiring words in a very matter in fact kind of expression. When her own words are superimposed on the photo which conveys the sincerity-honesty along with you can trust me kind of smile and expression you resonate your own life’s struggle with her words.

3. By Milkha Singh

All I had to do is continue browsing internet till I could find an appropriate picture.

And this one where Milkha Singh is looking at his own Wax creation.

He gave me all the required expression-juxtaposed in a single frame which I could use to match his own quote. When one looks back at himself with a nostalgic look and he is looking at his wax creation which is looking ahead-horizon-future

4. By Aseem Malhotra,Tim Noakes and Stephen Phinney

Very witty and very apt. Use of few words and one can convey a lot.

A lot is getting cleared and a lot gets cluttered in the world of nutrition-diet -what to eat and what not to!

Food In – Food Out the inner journey continues as we humans keep discovering new stuff about ourselves.

5. By Halle Gebrselassie

Eyes speak : loud and clear !

dear runner friend : listen and run against the distance , period !

6. By Fred Lebow

He might have said this years ago and every well organised marathon in every city-every month reaffirms the same feelings

7. By Rob De Castella

The Marathon run : explained in clear phase wise manner and with wit in the end!

8 By Frank Shorter

The black and white photo, the spectators in background and his two weeks, two months mantra !

9 By Bob Glover

simple words for every new runner’s first ever marathon: experience it , finish it !

10 By John Joseph Kelley

The running community and our relationship with n runners

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