Series 2/5 ( 10 in each)

Interesting,witty quotations from the world of running, fitness,health and nutrition

This new series is based on material which is purely taken from internet. I have used photographs and quotes of famous personalities from various fields.

The copyrights and ownership of photographs are solely with the original creators , and I have used them with the sole purpose to inspire, entertain the reader in general. Yes many photographs have inspired me and I have gazed at them many times, admiring the obvious meaning and other conclusions I may have drawn. At few places I have paid my tribute to the creators of the photographs.

The quotes are taken from interviews/various websites which are in public domain. Special thanks to Rajesh Iyer who inspired me to come up with this series and Tvisha H who has worked on each visual post.

11/20. HIMA DAS

This has all the necessary elements of universally appealing " The Underdog " story.
In spite of all odds , she achieved success . True example of dream, believe, achieve !

Her Exact words in Hindi


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